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designed for defense against armored vehicles

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It should be noted meanwhile that, while the Syrian rebels have antitank missiles able to take out the T-72, they do not have advanced missiles capable of stopping the much heavier, reactively armed T-90.
The ADS is being qualified against a broad spectrum of antitank shoulder-launched rockets and guided missiles, and in general terms showed its ability to handle up to three hits on the same spot and more than one threat at a time.
They are also alarmed the antitank rocket-propelled grenade, which can penetrate armour plating, turned up years after the Provisionals were supposed to have decommissioned all their weapons as part of the Good Friday peace agreement.
WASHINGTON -- The air corridor over Iraq has emerged as a supply route for weapons for the beleaguered government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, including rockets, antitank missiles, rocket-propelled grenade and mortars, The New York Times reported late Saturday.
MOSKOVA (CyHAN)- India and Russia have signed two contracts for the delivery of Russian antitank missiles, a source close to the Indian Defense Ministry told RIA Novosti on Tuesday.
Adversaries can acquire and deploy antitank weapons and roadside bombs much faster and at far less cost than the U.
The DPO said police also recovered four suicide jackets, 50 dynamites, 1 Antitank mine, 1 rocket shell, 19 Kalashnikov rifles, 35 Kalakov rifles, 22 rifles, 206 pistols, 29 shotgun, 7,005 cartridges, 32895 grams of hashish and 84 grams of heroin.
The state filed the suit against the Kobe-based company seeking damages of about 280 million yen on the basis of the product liability law over the crash of the antitank helicopter at the GSDF's East Fuji maneuver area.
The past three days of rocket fire and retaliatory raids represented the first significant up-tick in violence in the area since April, when tensions rose after an antitank missile fired from Gaza hit an Israeli school bus, killing a teenager.
The Longbow is the Army's premier antitank helicopter, capable of firing laser-guided or all-weather missiles.
A batch of Ukrainian small arms and ammunition, as well as anti-personnel mines and antitank mines was delivered to Government of South Sudan (GoSS) through a private company registered in an offshore zone, the report claims.
The shipments are to include anti-ship and antitank missiles as well
Look for a place you can set up two of our 57mm antitank guns, one on each side of the street.
He suffered serious injuries to his face, neck and chest after an antitank weapon was discharged near him during a night-time exercise on Wednesday.
troops took Baghdad, then-Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld explicitly warned that Syria was shipping military equipment to help Saddam Hussein, including night-vision goggles and antitank weapons.