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defensive against enemy submarines

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In the first four chapters of Antisubmarine Warfare from 1943, the authors evaluate submarine warfare and antisubmarine warfare during World War II in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
a premier provider of high value-added composite engineering and design, today announced it has created Precision Aerial Delivery of Dropsondes (PADD), a unique solution for delivering sensors that can improve the placement accuracy of the US Navy's Antisubmarine Warfare (ASW), while protecting both personnel as well as the intended target.
5 million is for antisubmarine warfare training targets.
Chirkov said that the modernization of antisubmarine warfare planes is a particular priority.
The five-day antisubmarine exercise is ''part of annual and regular exercises and will not be open to the press,'' the official said.
Aggressor aircraft attacked Randolph after intercepting the radar of an antisubmarine patrol plane circling the carrier.
The Type 23 frigate, specialising in antisubmarine warfare, was accepted into service in May 1994.
Ramona, CA, is being awarded $12,347,785 for firm-fixed-price Task Order #0002 under a previously awarded IDIQ multiple award construction contract (N62473-08-D-8607) for design-build renovation of Buildings 1 & 11, Antisubmarine Warfare Point Loma.
LCDR Douglas Anderson III, SC, USN, completed 20 years of active service and retired on March 1, 2007, after serving at Naval Mine and AntiSubmarine Warfare Command, Corpus Christi, Texas.
The MH-60R can perform satellite communications as well as vertical replenishments, antisubmarine warfare, air-to-air combat, surface-to-air combat, and search and rescue," said AT2 (AW) Steve Murdock, HSL-41 avionics technician.
David Yoshihara, who heads the Antisubmarine Warfare Task Force, a group specifically created to help fix the Navy's current shortfalls in antisubmarine warfare.
The government filed the damages suit in December 2000 as the MSDF attributed the accident to an alleged defect of the SH-60J antisubmarine patrol helicopter, which burst into flames at a U.
The contract calls for the Woodland Hills-based division to repair and retrofit antisubmarine warfare and navigational systems.
However, the introduction of the P-3B TACNAVMOD in the early 1980s was a huge leap in antisubmarine and maritime-patrol capabilities.