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Synonyms for scurvy

Synonyms for scurvy

a condition caused by deficiency of ascorbic acid (vitamin C)

of the most contemptible kind

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Like vitamin C, for which the optimum dose for general health is much higher than the antiscorbutic intake, vitamin D does far more than prevent rickets or osteoporosis.
vitamin C, they have my express permission to do so--or hexuronic acid or antiscorbutic vitamin or missing stress hormone.
Despite the advanced development and technology in navigation, shipbuilding, cartography, and even the use of empirical antiscorbutic preventive dietary measures in China during the Ming era (1368-1644) (10), the Chinese seagoing expeditions led by Admiral Zheng He (1371-1433) suffered from extremely heavy casualties and were finally discontinued (10).
Captain Cook's beer: the antiscorbutic use of malt and beer in late 18th century sea voyages.