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of or relating to a system to destroy satellites in orbit


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Russia "probably" has the same system under development, with no further details on the country's antisatellite program being given, according to the report.
Decoy and countermeasure systems like the ALE-50 and LAIRCM will be needed to defeat an antisatellite missile's terminal guidance sensors and protect targeted spacecraft from being destroyed by counterspace batteries that continue to function despite suppression efforts.
In 2007, China tested an antisatellite missile by blowing up its own 1-ton Fengyun-1C weather satellite.
China's Infrastructure Further Limits Antisatellite Operations
While some debate on the topic has taken place, the purpose behind China's antisatellite program is most likely to provide the PRC with an "assassin's mace" option to counterbalance the capability of a technologically superior opponent.
They propose a strategic restraint agreement that would include reciprocal pledges not to be the first to use nuclear or antisatellite weapons against the other and not to be the first to attack the other's critical computer networks.
could take would be to negotiate a multilateral ban on the testing and use of antisatellite weapons that destroy their targets on impact and generate large amounts of debris.
Moltz's first two chapters look at how other analysts have understood space security and set forth an alternative explanation that stresses a growing awareness of the environmental consequences of actions such as the testing of nuclear weapons in outer space in the early 1960s, which created electromagnetic effects that interfered with satellite operations in both the short and potentially the longer term, and the kinetic destruction caused by antisatellite weapons, which could create long-lived debris in heavily used orbits.
space assets are antisatellite systems, including satellite-tracking laser range finding devices and nuclear armed ballistic missiles; electronic warfare in the form of signal jamming; and ground segment physical attacks.
NEW YORK - American intelligence agencies had issued reports about the preparations being made by China to conduct an antisatellite missile test but ultimately decided to say nothing to Beijing until after the test, the New York Times reported Monday.
In addition, Caldicott implies that space-based missile defense is the gateway to the Bush administration's weaponization of space, which will include the introduction of antisatellite weapons.
Both the United States and Soviet Union developed a range of antisatellite missiles during the Cold War.
He specifically opposes a treaty to limit the development of antisatellite weapons.
One subject given "little analysis" by the Pentagon is the threat of Soviet space-based antisatellite weapons that might attack the system.
Democratic legislators should pass the initiatives they put in abeyance on the eve of the Reykjavik summit--the ban on expenditures on new weapons that would exceed SALT II limits, the prohibition on tests of Star Wars components in violation of the ABM Treaty and the extension of the ban on antisatellite weapons tests.