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a genus of herbs of the family Scrophulariaceae with brightly colored irregular flowers

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Q My local garden centre has antirrhinum and dianthus in flower now.
Many flowers used for summer bedding, patio displays and hanging baskets germinate from collected seed, including salvias, pansies, marigolds, impatiens, geraniums and antirrhinums.
Use a heated propagator to sow halfhardy annuals and other bedding plants including antirrhinums, African marigolds, Begonia semperflorens, gazanias and lobelias.
Sow slow-maturing bedding plants such as antirrhinums and African marigolds.
Sow slow maturing bedding plants under glass such as African marigolds, petunias and antirrhinums.
SOW seeds of antirrhinums, bedding geraniums, begonias, lobelia and verbena in pots of moist compost and germinate under a tent of polythene on a warm, shady windowsill.
9 START to harden off the hardier bedding plants such as antirrhinums.
Now it's time to be cruel to be kind, if you purchased antirrhinums, salvias or marigolds they will all benefit from having the first flower removed.
To make certain there are no gaps, leave spaces in the border for half- hardy and hardy annuals like Pelargoniums (Geraniums), Cosmos, Antirrhinums, Petunias, Nasturtiums, Godetias, Clarkia and Osteospermums.
Antirrhinums and begonias can be sown in a heated greenhouse or propagator in February.
Sow slow-maturing bedding plants like antirrhinums and African marigolds.
Sow under glass slow maturing bedding plants such as African marigolds, petunias, lobelia and antirrhinums.
Grow English marigolds, antirrhinums, ten-week stocks, godetia and nemesia.
I have some bright gold antirrhinums and one gallant little lobelia appearing from a crack between a tarmac drive and a brick wall.