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He praised Dr Shaikh Sultan's keenness to transfer the antiquities on-board his own plane and hand them over to the Ministry of Antiquities.
Moreover, the workshops to be held during the forum will discuss specific issues in the field of antiquities, such as modern techniques in archaeology, restoration, rehabilitation and development of archaeological sites, the role of media and citizens in raising awareness on the importance of antiquities, preservation of antiquities, and counterfeiting of antiquities and alleged treasures.
He added that the antiquities located at the plot will be protected and that the head of the antiquities department has already sent a letter to the town planning service stating that no development can proceed at the plot in question without her department's approval.
Former Minister of State for Antiquities Affairs Zahi Hawass also commended this collaboration.
In the latest edition, details of various antiquities belonging to Sindh and rest of the country have been published.
Since the heyday of private American collectors buying antiquities in massive quantities, much has changed.
has filed a lawsuit to recover antiquities that are foreign assets of the Sunni hard-line group.
The ' license raj' in this area of governance will also end as dealers in antiquities and art treasures within the ' Indian market' will no longer need to obtain a licence.
25 (Petra) -- Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriate Affairs Nasser Judeh on Thursday took part in a conference dedicated to save the Middle East antiquities from terrorism.
Sofia, SANA- Director-General of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Irina Bokova warned that the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is carrying out wide-scale looting of antiquities in Syria, announcing that combating antiquity trafficking is UNESCO's top priority.
A Palestinian Arab man lured his four children into attempting to steal Second Temple-era antiquities, the Israel Antiquity Authority announced Wednesday, by claiming there was a "demon" hiding treasure there.
Cairo: UN and Arab officials on Wednesday called for global efforts to combat the "unprecedented" destruction of heritage sites in the Middle East, accusing militant groups of selling stolen antiquities to fund their wars.
Summary: Around 15,000 antiquities locked away in safes around the northwestern Syrian city of Idlib are at risk of being sold on the black market, the head of antiquities and museums Maamoun Abdel-Karim told Reuters Friday.
Antiquities trafficking in the Middle East is nothing new, and even trafficking to fund terrorism has its precedents.
But we also know that many customers want to be able to wear these historic pieces in their original luster,” said William Alleman, manager of the Antiquities Giftshop.