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Synonyms for antiquate

make obsolete or old-fashioned

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give an antique appearance to


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Previous research has indicated that the benefit of experience to organizations may decay over time due to forgetting and antiquation of learning (Argote, Beckman, & Epple, 1990).
17) In other words, the very mindset that produced imperial hegemony--the confidence in reason, disciplined deployment of technoscience, and posture of mastery--has eroded, replaced by a deracinated fatalism and an almost mystical embrace of its own antiquation.
One about Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton is a bit Joycean: Beneath the hellish shipcrush, Shackleton once celebrated Edwardian antiquation on one nevergreen endworldian Antarctic icefield.
While London long ago wiped away its image of having nothing more to boast than pubs and a queen, Vienna's battle with its reputation for cozy antiquation lingers on.
If you've had your degree--whether it's an associate's, bachelor's, master's or doctorate--for more than five years, your skills are already on the verge of antiquation.