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an expert or collector of antiquities

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Lyttelton was President of the Society of Antiquaries from 1765 until his death in 1768, and Englefield was a Fellow of the Society, later becoming President in 1811.
Guildford Assizes was packed with learned antiquaries and dealers.
In the Cotton biography, Mirrlees identifies two types of "magic" that antiquaries perform.
As they travel to the wilderness of the Great Lakes region, the young travelers play the part of antiquaries in a strange land.
Chaucer's Canterbury Tales in London, British Library, Harley 1758 Lydgate's Life of Our Lady in London in Society of Antiquaries 134 Gower's Confessio Amantis in Society of Antiquaries 134 Hoccleve's Regiment of Princes in Society of Antiquaries 134 Walton's translation of Boethius, Consolation of Philosophy in Society of Antiquaries 134 Lydgate's Fall of Princes in Belvoir Castle (Duke of Rutland) Trevisa's On the Properties of Things in Pierpont Morgan M.
This is usefully complemented by Barker's later exploration of the content and character of the Antiquaries Journal, published from 1921 onwards.
Professor Tim Darvill of the University of Bournemouth (right) and Professor Geoff Wainwright of the Society of Antiquaries
Dr Williams is a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London.
Nearby is another fascinating exploration of the nature of discovery in the Making History: Antiquaries in Britain 1707-2007.
The word 'antiquary' has always had somewhat pejorative overtones: even in the 18th century, when the Society of Antiquaries was founded, its members were the frequent butt of satire, mocked for their indiscriminate fascination with the detritus of the past.
The coin - from 32BC - lay undiscovered for years in a collection belonging to Newcastle's Society of Antiquaries.
He became a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries in 1979 and served on its council until 1992.
A team representing the Society of Antiquaries of London take on Oxford's Bodleian Library.
Oxford's Bodleian Library vs the Society of Antiquaries of London.
Stow's model of research, argues Oliver Harris, was distinguished from that of other antiquaries by its combination of archival and textual scholarship with personal memory and firsthand observation.