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an expert or collector of antiquities

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It seemed then to be your opinion, that the charm lay entirely in the art with which the unknown author had availed himself, like a second M`Pherson, of the antiquarian stores which lay scattered around him, supplying his own indolence or poverty of invention, by the incidents which had actually taken place in his country at no distant period, by introducing real characters, and scarcely suppressing real names.
In this manner, a man of talent, and of great antiquarian erudition, limited the popularity of his work, by excluding from it every thing which was not sufficiently obsolete to be altogether forgotten and unintelligible.
To take an illustration from a sister art, the antiquarian details may be said to represent the peculiar features of a landscape under delineation of the pencil.
wheels, so as to support the weight of Antiquarian learning;
But Monsieur Filon's stories sometimes end as merrily as they begin; and always he is all delicacy--a delicacy which keeps his large yet minute antiquarian knowledge of that vanished time ever in service to a direct interest in humanity as it is permanently, alike before and after '93.
Antiquarians concede that such a personage as Hercules did exist in ancient times and agree that he was an enterprising and energetic man, but decline to believe him a good, bona- fide god, because that would be unconstitutional.
Antiquarians hold we are,--and--and we have an old seal, marked with a ramping lion on a shield, and a castle over him.
The new year could bring a new cultural centre in antiquarian bookshop.
5cm globe, with 18-inch height in stand, is on display at the Antiquarian INLIBRIS Gilhofe, an Austrian stall specialised in the collection of autographs, manuscripts, and valuable books.
To celebrate the bicentenary of the first flight into Anglesey in 1817, Anglesey U3A, the Anglesey Antiquarian Society and Friends of Holyhead Maritime Museum have organised a commemoration lecture by well-known Oxford historian Mark Davies, who will give the same lecture to each of the above groups at different times.
Antiquarian Voices: The Roman Academy and the Commentary Tradition on Ovid's Fasti.
This shared activity and passion for chamber music, begun in the 1950s, has blossomed: from 1973 to the present day, James and Margaret have hosted an ongoing weekly chamber music gathering at their home, and frequently plan their vacations with the intent of visiting antiquarian music dealers, playing chamber music with like-minded friends, as well as attending opera performances in the evenings.
The antiquarian music market can be something of a minefield for the individual collector.
Unlocked and presented to the online occult community this afternoon is the much-anticipated unveiling of Tahuti Antiquarian, a brand-new and innovative antique occult bookstore and content-driven website with both the collector and occult connoisseur in mind.
Antiquarian Hall, American Antiquarian Society, 185 Salisbury St.