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medication with antipyretics to treat a fever

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Well known for its antidiuretic and vasopressive properties, AVP plays an important role in antipyresis via the ventral septal area of the limbic system.
Taken together, these results support a role for AVP in antipyresis with natural and induced fevers.
These results do not rule out the role of AVP during antipyresis but rather suggest that several endogenous antipyretics may be involved in the febrile response (Moltz, 1993).
These findings suggest that AVP is centrally released during osmotic stimuli and hypovolemia and that 24-hour water deprivation, resulting in a combination of hypovolemia and hyperosmolality, would also be expected to release central AVP and, therefore, induce antipyresis.
Antipyresis is another common indication for the administration of these agents, particularly in the pediatric age group.
1], which is accepted as the lower concentration of the therapeutic analgesic range (4,5,12,19,23) and for antipyresis (24).