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an unstable negatively charged proton

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Because each electron weighs only a fraction of what an antiproton weighs, jostling among the particles tends to transfer energy to the electrons.
It is known indeed that proton and antiproton virtual couples are formed by vacuum fluctuations and high order two-photon interactions during photon fluctuations able to generate fermion-antifermion pairs [21].
The 80 papers of this proceedings were presented at the 8th Biennial International Conference on Low-Energy Antiproton Physics, held in Bonn, Germany and organized by the Research Center Julich (where the five editors are based).
Ulmer says the CERN measurement should improve on the precision of the current antiproton magnetic moment measurement by a factor of a thousand.
Conference on Physics with Ultra Slow Antiproton Beams (2005: Wako, Japan) Ed.
The classical unmatter atoms were formed by particles like (a) electrons, protons, and antineutrons, or (b) antielectrons, antiprotons, and neutrons.
A bound and quasi-stable unmatter baryonium has been verified experimentally as a weak resonance between a proton and antiproton using a Skyrme-type model potential.
NEWPORT BEACH, California, November 25 /PRNewswire/ -- An international collaboration of scientists has completed the first ever antiproton beam experiments designed to reveal the biological effectiveness of antiproton radiation in terminating cells used for cancer research, it was announced today by Larry Welch, President and CEO of PBar Labs, LLC.
At the GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research, the Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research FAIR is currently under construction.
We are pleased that the potential of antiproton therapy was sufficiently powerful to attract the top caliber of researchers from international institutions who participated," states Dr.
Each smashup between a proton and an antiproton can create additional particles that break down into spectacular showers of debris.
The ALPHA collaboration stored atoms of antihydrogen, consisting of a single negatively charged antiproton orbited by a single positively charged anti-electron (positron).
Or, similarly for un-deuterium 2, to convert/transform in a deuterium atom the electron into an antielectron, and the proton into an antiproton (we can call it un-deuterium of type 2).
For the Heliumverteilsystem at FAIR (Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research) a flexible vacuum insulated helium line is required to ensure the operation of the SIS100s.
In support of DOE's research and development mission, she also will oversee the laboratory's science and technology programs and facilities, including the Tevatron, the world's most powerful particle accelerator; the Main Injector; the Antiproton Source, the largest supply of antimatter in the world; two large collider detectors, CDF and DZero, each serving a collaboration of nearly 500 university physicists; and, fixed-target experiments.