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Alicia was to lodge with a distant relative of her mother's in a suburb of London; was to concert measures with this relative on the best method of turning her jewels into money; and was to follow her convict husband to the Antipodes, under a feigned name, in six months' time.
Now if this were the case with the earth-- if, for example, Europe never saw the moon, and she was only visible at the antipodes, imagine to yourself the astonishment of a European on arriving in Australia.
Since he was not in the grave, I could bear, I thought, to learn that he was at the Antipodes.
He is antipode to current officials, his biography, traits, even appearance make him look different from classical public servant in Kyrgyzstan.
His interpretations are the antipode of Rostropovich's grand, weighty and sometimes portentously slow recordings.
The antipode problem (Aguiar and Mahajan, 2013, Section 5.
Or, put differently, the artist's sun-dazzled studio away from the grit of the world, and its antipode, the "hardscrabble surface of raw ambition" that fuels the work of Matisse--a poor boy from the work-weary north of France who claimed he worked "like a drunken brute trying to kick the door down.
Whatuthink, winner of the big 2m novice hurdle at this meeting a year ago, Beau Michael, fourth behind Punjabi in the Fighting Fifth at Wetherby last time and trying 3m for the first time, Convincing and Antipode complete the line-up.
The antipode of the Schutz phantasmagoria appears in the form of Robert Melee's me/mommy/drag/horror/let's-put-on-a-show video, photo, and, uh, memorabilia installations.
Bruno swam one-handed for four-and-a-half miles to a cliff face which he was climbing when he was spotted by rival yacht, Antipode.
Noel Meade is doublehanded with Narquois, a winner twice from his last three starts over hurdles, and Naas debut winner Antipode, who subsequently disappointed at Navan.
Contract notice:District equipment zac de la courrouze - antipode mjc library - construction revival of lot n 4 4
RAW and exhilarating dance is the order of the day as four young male dancers are joined by a double bass player for the Welsh premiere of Antipode from Retina Dance Company, which takes place at Swansea's Taliesin Arts Centre next week.
He is tackling easier ground for the first time, as is Naas hurdling debut winner Antipode.
The Reserve Bank of Australia has argued that "signs of stabilization" in global growth (and particularly in China, a key trading partner) will help the larger antipode weather the current crisis better than most other industrialized economies.