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Synonyms for antipodal

Synonyms for antipodal

the relation of opposition along a diameter

relating to the antipodes or situated at opposite sides of the earth


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75) McLaughlin fired his burst of antipodal invective despite having received a considerable amount of due process:
On the other hand, Borsuk's theorem only requires the mapping f to be continuous on the ball and to fulfill a non-colinearity condition for the function values at all pairs of antipodal points on the boundary of the ball.
Part III, "Nature, Culture, and the Properties of Kinship," opens with Susan McKinnon's comparison of the works of Lewis Henry Morgan and Claude Levi-Strauss, both of whom, in antipodal ways, assess how the control of natural female utilization of reproductive resources are controlled through the assertion of paternity, which, in turn, gave rise to civilization.
a heterosexual identity free from the mutually exclusive, antagonistic, antipodal impediments of homosexuality (the product of the fissure of society into antagonistic classes and a dying culture and civilization alienated from its biology) (Cleaver, 1968: 177, emphasis added).
Thus, mercy and justice are antipodal, which is why we sometimes speak of justice tempered by mercy.
The massing of the buildings is antipodal but it lends a richness to the cityscape.
Undeniably some limitations exist, but they are far less substantial than their antipodal numbers.
In their hands the holy rite of sacrifice becomes an outrageous act of crime, signaling their antipodal position in respect to the normative Hellenic culture in the moral economy of the novel.
Standing antipodal to the harmony of interest thesis is the "realist" notion that conflict is inevitable because it is rooted in the essence of human nature.
The map is circular, and the antipodal point of the center of projection is a singular point which maps to the circular limb; hence, all that is needed is to place this point in the ocean (as in Figure 1).
Mother and daughter dressed in black are carried to the antipodal beach on the shoulders of sailors.
But bear with Weinberger: he is leading you on an odyssey, or rather a descent into the underworld, where the spirit world and the real world, folklore and ritual, provide an entree into a universe antipodal to our own, existing out of time and accessible to those who are willing to see it from a different perspective -- the karmic, the many selves of the self.
The first strict circumnavigation, covering two antipodal points, was made by Lowell Smith and Leslie Arnold in two US Army Douglas DWC seaplanes in 57 legs beginning and ending in Chicago in 1924
The antipodal New Zealand fishing season runs from November to April, with November being the spring opener.