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Synonyms for antipodal

Synonyms for antipodal

the relation of opposition along a diameter

relating to the antipodes or situated at opposite sides of the earth


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2k+1] (where k and [kappa] are equal to 0 or an integer) as a phenomenon of the antipodal cosmological invariance (ACI phenomenon) of the fundamental physical constants: dimensionless constants of physical interaction - [alpha] = [e.
3H), whereas the three antipodal cells at the chalazal end were ephemeral and degenerated soon after fertilization.
The large hall containing Ramageli's piece also includes a wall plastered with frenzied, monotonous charts, graphs, and ledgers by Parisian artist Eric Baudelaire, which graphically represent a worldview that might be seen as antipodal to Samb's.
A CAP Wireless paper on the TriQuint website describes the Spatium structure as "an antipodal finline antenna array.
In it, Bartlett continues to explore points of correspondence, but shifts the terrain entirely to the cosmic level, to the place where the antipodal worlds of the living and the dead regard one another across the chasm of death.
Degludec can be administered at any time of the day, with the inter-dose gap ranging from 8 to 40 hours, while I Deg Asp can be injected with any major meal(s), without them necessarily being antipodal meals.
1892), The theory of an antipodal southern continent during the sixteenth century, extracted from the report of the fourth meeting of the Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science, originally entitled "The influence of Spanish and Portuguese discoveries during the first twenty years of the sixteenth century on the theory of an antipodal southern continent", Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science, Hobart.
THE STORY OF THE WEST'S GHOST TOWNS IS framed by the antipodal themes of boom and bust, often appearing in the same tale.
Yet, their normative and consequentialist concerns are antipodal.
While the acclamation of Sarah within Judaism is well known, Bakhos finds the depiction of Hagar among rabbinic interpreters to be unexpectedly neutral, in contrast with the antipodal relation Hagar shares with Sarah among many early Christian interpreters, in which the two often stand as metonyms for Judaism and Christianity.
Afterall, that impact crater and the Deccan Traps are antipodal.
That morphing of domains is illuminated lucidly by Meir Kohn's (2004) comparison of value and exchange as providing antipodal orientations for economic analysis, and with Kohn's analysis being examined at length in volume 20 of the Review of Austrian Economics (Wagner 2007).
i]) be the antipodal map between two digital i-spheres where i = {1,2} and [[kappa].
It will mean that, when he includes his previous challenges, Mark will have covered 20,000 miles and passed through two antipodal points on the globe - making it a run around the world.
His characterization thus becomes an experimental specimen which the critic may wish to locate within the antipodal ideological facets of the disillusioned, monomaniacal hero or the ebullient optimist.