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the use of a word in a sense opposite to its normal sense (especially in irony)

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One form of irony Chretien uses in Lancelot is antiphrasis, one of the examples of which, in the words of a medieval manual on the subject, is "to praise a lecher for his chastity.
cohyponymic transfer, antiphrasis, auto-antonomy, and auto-converseness, the absence of pertinent cases may simply be due to their great rareness; nothing, for example, should prevent in principle a diminutive pattern from turning into an augmentative one through extended antiphrastic use of diminutives, followed by a reinterpretation (e.
sex as food and gardens), antiphrasis, litotes, foreign words as substitutes for more common ones, metonymy, periphrasis, syneedoche, ellipsis, wish formulae, and folk etymologies.
The speaker of Bishop's poem repeatedly asserts that it is, but the assertion does not become any truer for that: on the contrary, it is that form of irony called antiphrasis, opposite speaking.
These blue flowers, with their romantic connotation, are the emblematic image of the ambiguous that we are trying to abolish, because they could pass for an antiphrasis, even if the whole of the novel rests on the border between dream and reality and gives hope of opening onto the dream.
In the introduction to Alien Cantica Alberto Granese, quoting Luigi Fontanella, writes that Rimanelli's poems have "stressed the author's particular 'centrifugal lexicon,' with 'a gratified, sarcastic and freewheeling use of many rhetorical devices, with a predominance of antiphrasis, alliteration, calembours, metonymy, epanalepsis, hyperbaton; thus running over a wide expressive gamut, from the plebeian to the sublime, from specialized technical terms to classical literary language, obtaining, at times, a pastiche of burgeoning intensity.