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Synonyms for antiphonary

bound collection of antiphons

relating to or resembling an antiphon or antiphony


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The selections on side one are taken from the Graduale and Antiphonary and, as Fr.
At Auckland, his small collection of liturgical manuscripts consisted of a few single representative exemplars: one missal, one breviary, and one book of hours, which were among the earliest purchases he made on his return to Auckland, and an antiphonary, which he sent from London after 1894.
The most lavish examples of Medici-inspired art in the choirbooks of Santa Maria del Fiore are found in antiphonary Cod.
Muir notes of this responsory that "the Liber [responsalis] has the verse 'Formavit igitur ut supra'; a similar verse is used for this responsory in Hartker's Antiphonary, (a tenth-century text which, like the Liber, begins the Genesis readings on Sexagesima Sunday) but many medieval breviaries have the same verse as Hyde Abbey" (Liturgy and Drama, 7).
800, positing the existence of an authoritative antiphonary, complete with musical notation, which he calls "Charlemagne's archetype.
Following this is an informative survey by Barbara Drake Boehm, describing the contents of the liturgical manuscripts--the missal, gradual, antiphonary, laudario, psalter and book of hours--and the manner of their usage.
Lapidge, |Columbanus and the Antiphonary of Bangor', Peritia 4 (1985), 104-16.
The Cover of Antiphonary (this page) from the sixteenth century, bound the hymns for responsive singing in Christian worship.
In some respects the book stands as antiphonary to her earlier volumes.
1430) painted by Fra Angelico in an antiphonary at San Marco.
23, an antiphonary for nuns, containing the chants for Lauds and Vespers
While similarities between the physiognomy of the figure of Humbeline in the Retable du Cellier and Jeanne de Boubais in the Frick diptych are strong, Genaille offers a less convincing example when he compares the features of Humbeline to those of Jeanne in an image from an antiphonary she commissioned in 1511-12, as the features of this "portrait" are too generalized to permit such an identification.
Another, an antiphonary, was used in the service of the Mass in the sixteenth century.
34) The fifth-mode antiphon O sacrum convivium and the sixth-mode antiphon O quam suavis, both for Corpus Christi, are notated with a b[flat] signature in the early 17th-century antiphonary cited in note 26, but neither is subjected to transposition.