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Synonyms for antipathetical

(usually followed by 'to') strongly opposed

characterized by antagonism or antipathy

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Evolution is understood qualitatively, as a result of a complex of often mutually antipathetical factors, but scarcely, as yet, quantitatively: how long must it take to develop from the unicell to the you-and-me?
67) On the theme of antipathetical discourses of ancient art, focusing on the issue of `the real', see further Elsner (n.
402) would be equally antipathetical to the determinedly "loose" structure of a hypertext representation, for the non-teleological experience of hypertext by both editor and reader could hardly be conducive to demonstrating "the artist's struggle for exactitude" (p.
The next essay, 'Child Mozart as an Aesthetic Symbol', again brings a philosophical approach to bear upon familiar music-historical materials; Kivy links the enduring image of 'Mozart, the man who remained a child' to nineteenth-century beliefs that reason and experience were unnecessary for the production of great art, and perhaps even antipathetical to it.