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Synonyms for antipathetic

Synonyms for antipathetic

(usually followed by 'to') strongly opposed

characterized by antagonism or antipathy

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In May 1970 Anne Summers travelled from Adelaide to Melbourne to a conference on 'Female Conditioning' which she found entirely antipathetic.
Meleager's reckless love for Atalanta is in "the bitterly ironical circumstance of his blindly paying futile homage to a devotee" of so antipathetic a goddess (p.
In their shape and nature, they are constantly changing, reinventing, and present antipathetic postures.
In an instant, even the neutrals in the room became antipathetic.
Although usually antipathetic to the philosopher he likes to call 'the oracle', in 'Wittgenstein reads Russell' he provides a beguiling account of the thinking behind the Tractatus.
Offering alternatives to hypernationalism and other antipathetic perspectives, this exploration will help establish the experiential or quasi-experiential foundation needed to afford awareness and sensitivity toward both connection and difference for others dissimilar in choice and predicament.
Workers, and the unions that represent them, have found it increasingly difficult to operate against the combined weight of corporations and a provincial government antipathetic to the rights of workers.
For Mao, a precise taxonomy of class structure had supplied him with the basis on which to wage a form of permanent war against those classes who were antipathetic to the new revolutionary, utopian programme.
Wolves are downright antipathetic to coyotes, much like African lions to hyenas.
Instead, he obeyed that same spirit that made French War Minister Georges Picquart, whilst personally antipathetic toward Captain Dreyfus, seek the overturning of Dreyfus's conviction for treason: an objective evil had prevailed, it must not continue to prevail, and those who extenuated it degraded the very nation they purported to love.
A deformed jester in the title role was highly unusual in mid-nineteenth-century Italian opera, especially a character as antipathetic as Rigoletto, but equally innovative is the varied, complex depiction of moods.
Kierkegaard defines anxiety as " a sympathetic antipathy and an antipathetic sympathy" (Kierkegaard, 1844/1980a, p.
It will be framing its position around the expected election in late November of a Muslim Brotherhood-dominated government that will be close to Saudi Arabia and correspondingly antipathetic to Iran.
is the latest in a series of tension-heightening exercises; from diplomatically damaging revelations unveiled in WikiLeaks dispatches to the ongoing unrest in Bahrain, relations between Riyadh and Tehran have become increasingly antipathetic.
353) Hybrid tribunals can only arise in situations where, almost inevitably, there is little time or opportunity to plan for perfect solutions, and where the present normative hierarchies and strategic priorities of international criminal justice policy are antipathetic to such deliberation.