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a contradiction between two statements that seem equally reasonable

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On other side of the antinomy lies existentialism, which, I'm about to argue, is just as spiritually unsatisfying.
Ross then formulates the first antinomy as follows (23):
A second non-absurd solution: Purify truth of the antinomy of fidelity.
To portray how Lacan's formulae of sexuation exhibit such an antinomy, let us examine each of Lacan's formulae in turn.
Something we presume to constitute the very core of Documenta as a grand curatorial enterprise--something related to the aging virtues of antinomy and irony--seemed mysteriously absent from its thirteenth installment.
For the first thirty year of Achebe's life, he was defined as "British-Protected" on his international passport, but this "protection" finds ballast and the antinomy in his experience of the ruse of colonialism as well as the ironies that come with it as he eventually experienced more about the world
But leaving that point aside, Kant did introduce an important new factor in the debate on space and time: his notion of antinomy.
In sum, our argument is that Foucault's law is 'made up' of the constituent antinomy in which it is both utterly dependent yet still itself surpassingly responsive.
In fact, in 'The Paralogism of Pure Reason', 'The Antinomy of Pure Reason', and the 'Ideal of Pure Reason', Kant cast many doubts on the epistemological value of pure reason.
The most disabling antinomy in White Heat is the one that assigns Dickinson to the pole of timelessness and Higginson to the pole of history.
Anna-Lena Salzer's commentary on the gypsies in Karl May's Scepter and Hammer comes once again to his familiar antinomy between the liberal and tolerant intentions asserted by the narrator and the feckless employment of every kind of group prejudice and stereotyping.
Although pewter is any of various alloys containing tin, lead and sometimes copper and antinomy, I thought the museum assumed you knew all about that in its excitement at offering its surviving historical examples and interactive areas for children (which we found to be less potent than last week's visit to Henley in Arden's Heritage Museum).
Indeed, it is surprising that, for all of Jameson's avowedly "philosophical" take on the topic, he does not mention the greatest philosophical endeavor to take up the antinomies produced by thinking about the world: Immanuel Kant's First Cosmological Antinomy in his Critique of Pure Reason (1781).