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a follower of the doctrine of antinomianism

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As England's public upheavals of the mid-seventeenth century were turning ominous, the antinomian preacher Tobias Crisp set his own stamp upon tempestuous times.
Aspinwall was a returned Massachusettsan who, like Clarke, had associated himself with the Antinomian party in 1636-38.
With its framework of familists, antinomians, bishops, papists, Arminians, Antichrist, Jesuits, Spanish designs, and the devastation of Germany, it was clearly about the religious tensions tearing Europe apart and fraying the English godly community itself.
Contrast this with Hammond's much later assault on the "fiduciary" who holds out the possibility of full and perfect assurance, makes faith the be-all and end-all of Christianity, excludes good works from the reckoning of grace, sets justification before sanctification, stands for atonement that is limited by decree, and is in these and other ways an antinomian in High Calvinist dress: Of Fundamentals, ibid.
7) Similarly, Cotton displayed his command of Augustine in both the Antinomian controversy and in his lively debate with Roger Williams; in the latter affair, he once cited four separate treatises by Augustine in a single paragraph.
The "motley crew" of Chapter 5 includes the multi-ethnic sailors, slaves, labourers, dockers, fugitives, and others who made their own contribution to the abolitionist movement and to the American Revolution, even as their antinomian egalitarianism and rowdy resistance was severely contained and deflected by the fathers of the republic.
This slippery slope is known as the Antinomian Heresy, and it's what got Anne Hutchinson kicked out of the Colony.
Deracinated from the family and social networks that nurtured and sustained that ordered and respectable living, that good and comely life, the working class has been left denuded, ill-equipped to withstand the assaults that have confronted it, be those assaults--depending on your point of view and political allegiances--the temptations and laxities of an increasingly permissive and antinomian society, the ruthless austerities of Thatcherism, the flowering of New Labours "knowledge-based" economy, the transformation of family life attendant on the flood of mothers into the labor market, or the activator-encouraged economic and cultural encroachments of immigrants.
Through a series of, by turns, escalating and cascading arguments, Donoghue switches between the local of Coleman Street, with its close links to the antinomian underground of the 1630s, to the global, signified by English colonies, trading companies and settler-Native American relations.
By the end of 1968, that fateful year of antinomian insurgencies worldwide, everything had changed.
of the South) summarize and analyze 18 key religious sermons that they argue have helped shape American history, from John Winthrop's "A Modell of Christian Charity," responding to the Puritan's Antinomian Controversy, to the words of Jeremiah Wright, deployed as a political cudgel against Barack Obama during the 2008 presidential campaign.
In addition to the verses just cited from 1 John--which appear to demean worldly things when compared with God's glory--there is an antinomian strain in Scripture that suggests the law is unneeded or superfluous for the believer.
Ambiguity about the status of the law seems to have been a persistent issue in many communities Paul evangelized, provoking the suspicion that he offered an antinomian gospel.
In terms of contemporary theory, that divide can be mapped onto the distinction between Agamben's Jewish messianic Paul, with its suspension of time from within time and context, and Alain Badiou's radically antinomian Paul, the Paul of the ceaselessly headlong event of revelation.
2] becomes operative, albeit in rather antinomian fashion, it now becomes important to address the issue of whether textually based Buddhist ethics can be truly current; whether an ethical tradition solidly grounded on the textual heritage can serve as the foundational basis for a socially engaged Buddhism, effective in addressing the complex concerns cited in the growing literature on the subject.