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a piece of ornamented cloth that protects the back of a chair from hair oils

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Items included a black silk apron embroidered with coloured floss silks, fine crochet antimacassars, a child's dress with a tatted and lace stitch front and bodice, a bridal veil, scarlet cloth slippers in applique, and what was described as 'a very beautiful sample of Indian lace'.
DAYS BECOME more imaginary the older you get; that is, more clotted by images of what might have been but wasn't, of impossible love affairs, valises stuffed with money, at least one Nobel Prize, embroidered antimacassars of one's youth, that age when one gave precious little consideration to time swiftly flying like a fantastic lizard into the future that is now.
Although Lagerlof's storytelling is grippingly vivid, pacy, and even racy, her romantically high-toned style of writing can read like the literary equivalent of lace antimacassars.
Those who remain in Africa take advantage of the opportunity to send items home with those returning to the US after brief sojourns abroad and crochet antimacassars and bed covers in fluorescent pinks and yellows.
The other DIY warnings included carpet in bathrooms, poor preparation, following fashions without tweaking them to fit your own home and antimacassars - the doilies that fit on chair arms.
It is as if we still pay a premium for antimacassars and moustache cups because the Victorians rated them.
Coverlets and antimacassars, cases and containers are devised in abundance; in these, the traces of the most ordinary objects of use are imprinted.
Q IT might sound old-fashioned but I am looking for antimacassars - you know, the bits of lace your granny used to have draped on the back of the sofa and chairs.
Oil lamps, siphon bottles, dried flowers, lace doilies, embroidered pillow covers and shams, antimacassars, porcelain-headed dolls, and discolored photos add to the verisimilitude, reinforcing an illusion that one has entered a dwelling suspended in time.
The airport has a 2,000 square metre VIP Hall; VVIPs sit in a special corner with lace antimacassars on the chair-backs.
The grand piano in the living room, The antimacassars on the damasked chairs - Sometimes their distant counterpoint returns, As though diurnal time had halted, and the street Were like a boulevard illuminated by the moon Or bathed in the dim aquarium light of an eclipse.
The armchair was springy beneath me and left flower patterns on my knees, and its armrests and back were covered with white embroidered antimacassars like clothes on an overdressed baby.
A marvel of compactness, the room had a broad, brocaded, couch-like seat running its full depth with dainty, snow-white antimacassars to lean back against.
It didn't have the same effect at all, although it is always nice when someone says they'll be able to afford a loft extension now they've sold their Grandma's second best antimacassars.
From the moment the front of Mrs Wilberforce''s subsiding North London home revolves to reveal a sprawling scene of chaotic domesticity - filled with floral teacups, lace tablecloths, fringed lampshades and antimacassars - it''s clear this is going to be a show to cherish.