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the number of which a given number is the logarithm

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5 25,193 28,779 25 24,125 -1,067 30,878 2,099 30 23,440 -1,753 32,211 3,432 35 22,863 -2,330 33,257 4,478 40 22,388 -2,805 33,985 5,206 (a) Antilogs of predicted log income are presented.
8) Homsmer and Lemeshow (1999) called the product of the antilog of the coefficients a hazard ratio while Singer and Willet (2003) defined the product as the odds ratio.
Using a modified form of Equation (1), (15) we estimate salary regressions for the each sector, take the antilog of the estimated log salary an individual would expect if paid in his or her alternative sector, and subtract that estimate from each individual's actual salary.
Further, taking the antilog of b provides the odds ratio, which is represented by Exp(b).
The mean response ratio and the confidence limits were obtained by computing the antilog in Eq.
5) Estimating the increase or decrease in basic salary of an additional publication and an additional hour spent in the classroom, evaluated at the mean, involved the following steps: calculating the mean of basic salary in constant 1998 dollars separately by year and by type of institution, taking the log of mean basic salary, adding the unstandardized semi-log regression coefficient for total publications (or for hours spent in the classroom) to the log of mean basic salary, taking the antilog of this result, and subtracting the difference from the mean salary.
Since the logit is the natural logarithm of the odds function (percent use/percent don't use), the antilog of the logit mean response is the annual percent rate of change of the odds function.
To convert the mean log values back to their original units for presentation, the antilog for the mean log values were calculated and are reported in Tables 1 to 4.
Once a solution has been found to the problem the antilog can be found to give the correct answer.
Integrating and taking the antilog on both sides produces
Non-categorical variables (the wage index, teaching intensity, facility size, and occupancy) were converted to payment variables by taking the antilog of the product of the regression coefficient and the value of the variable.
The enhanced performance implementation employs a digital antilog function matched to the logarithmic amplifier characteristics over the expected input signal range.
BEA used the antilog of the time dummy coefficients to construct price indexes for 1992-2001.