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the number of which a given number is the logarithm

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To complete the transformation of INCOME, subtract 1 from the antilog value and multiply the result by the mean sale price.
8) Homsmer and Lemeshow (1999) called the product of the antilog of the coefficients a hazard ratio while Singer and Willet (2003) defined the product as the odds ratio.
In this case, the antilog of the estimated residual, [e.
Thus, one way to ease the interpretation of logistic regression coefficients is to use odds ratios (Yamaguchi, 1991), and the odds ratio is the antilog of the coefficient (Box-Steffensmeier and Jones, 1997).
12) The returns to private school attendance are calculated (in percentage form) by taking the antilog of 0.
90) The geometric mean is defined as the positive nth root of the product of the numbers, or the antilog of the mean of the sum of the logs.
The antilog of y produced the predicted IgG concentration of the sample.
Using the antilog formula, the predicted changes in the log of current compensation were converted to predicted percentage changes in current compensation for the years 1986, 1987, and 1988.
2) The beginning and ending growth rates are separately estimated using a log linear regression approach in which the natural log of total earnings is regressed against time for the five years prior to 1979 (or 1989) and the estimated slope coefficient (b=log(1 + g)) is solved for g by taking the antilog and subtracting one.
The antilog of the intercept of the linear regression between the log of HP and MEI was used to estimate the net energy requirement ([NE.
Simply taking the antilog of the predicted value will lead to biased estimates (Manning 1998).
A GLM was used to calculate geometric means (GMs) using the antilog of the log transformed PCB mean value adjusted for age, sex, race/ ethnicity, or body mass index (BMI) (Bland and Altman 1996).
The geometric mean intensity (GMI) of microfilaraemia was calculated as Antilog ([summation] log + 1)/n), with x being the number of mf per ml of blood in microfilaraemic individuals and n the number of microfilaraemic individuals examined.
In other words, if all of the other variables in the variance function were insignificant, the antilog of the estimate for sigma would be the constant variance estimate for the homoscedastic regression function.