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Patients using only one type of antihypertensive drug before the development of NOF were categorized as single users based on the antihypertensive drug class prescribed, including loop or thiazide diuretics, alpha-blockers, beta-blockers, CCBs, ACE inhibitors, and ARBs.
In fact, antihypertensive drugs help only 25% of the patients who take them reach their blood pressure goal.
Rate and determinants of 10-year persistence with antihypertensive drugs.
Pre-operatively she was treated for hypertension with different antihypertensive drugs (Telmisartan with amlodipine, prazosin and metoprolol) for 18 days.
Several trials demonstrated potential positive effect on BP reduction when compared with antihypertensive drug therapy; however, it was not associated with a statistically significant effect on both SBP and DBP reduction in other 3 trials.
The global market value of antihypertensive drugs is tens of billion dollars.
A sensitivity analysis that excluded use of other potential fall-causing drugs and psychotropic drugs that can trigger falls, confirmed the initial association between antihypertensive drug initiation and early hip fracture with a nearly identical incidence ratio of 1.
In the remaining one patient, replacement therapy with levothyroxine resulted in reduction in the dose of antihypertensive drug leading to reversal of only diastolic blood pressure to normal values but no significant effect on systolic blood pressure.
The investigators focused their analysis "on patients who received only one type of antihypertensive drug (with or without a diuretic), because these patients were likely to have mild to moderate hypertension that required only monotherapy.
Researchers have conducted numerous trials over the last decade to find an antihypertensive drug that best reduces cardiovascular events while reducing blood pressure.
Prevention of stroke by antihypertensive drug treatment in older persons with isolated systolic hypertension: final results of the Systolic Hypertension in the Elderly Program (SHEP).
The company said the falls in its pretax and operating profits were attributable to an increase in sales and administrative expenses, mainly those spent to boost sales of antihypertensive drug Olmetec, known as Benicar in the United States.
In particular, although it is recognized that concomitant antihypertensive drug therapy can influence ratio values (15), the effect on the diagnostic accuracy of the test has not been formally assessed.
Other recipients of this year's award were Wilfred Sweeny, pioneer of DuPont's Nomex brand of fibers, and John Duncia, the discoverer of DuPont's Cozaar antihypertensive drug.