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a protagonist who lacks the characteristics that would make him a hero (or her a heroine)

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The Bafta-winning show was landmark TV when it launched back in January 2004, and in the ensuing years we've been hooked by the wickedly unpredictable lives of the inept antihero Frank Gallagher and the colourful characters living on the Chatsworth Estate.
antiHERO Laptop and Desktop Graphic Novel Ebook Chapters: http://www.
McEvoy's antiheroic musical comedy revue, "The Comic Supplement" (1925, in which Fields starred as part of the "Ziegfeld Follies")--the comedian's own writing roots were tied to the world of the antihero.
The album also features exclusive tracks from King Adora, Chris T-T, We Can Build You, Impact, Cosy Cosy, The Dawn Parade, The Exiles, Antihero, Kinesis, Corporation: Blend, and Miss Black America vs.
Antihero from Stratford have gone from strength to strength, and have been making waves on the music scene since their first demo track, MTV, was played on Radio 1 by DJ Steve Lamacq in April.
When Howard Hawks brought Borden Chase's novel The Chisholm Trail to the silver screen, he cast John Wayne in one of the Duke's few antihero roles and offered a dark study of courage stripped of justice or decency.
Turley's declared purpose "is twofold: to analyze how eighteenth-century writers perceived the pirate and to show how the pirate came to be portrayed as both the criminal and the romanticized antihero par excellence in the following centuries" (3).
Subsequent chapters treat the slide into modernism ("Jesus Pale and Shrunken"), postmodernism's antihero, the politicized Jesus of Africa, the archetypal Christ in Arabic poetry, the absent Jesus, and Jesus in the hands of the playful poet.
But to call Felicite an antihero just does not quite seem right.
In the eighteenth century, the trickster magician would become the antihero of a new popular genre, the comedia de magla.
com as "a down-and-dirty actioner that follows a rugged antihero trying to outrun death by keeping his adrenaline flowing.
com)-- The first of three epic, action/adventure feature films and graphic novels, antiHERO I, is being released at Comic-Con 2012 in two specially designed preVision eBooks on YouTube.
Gordon Brown has shown an unexpectedly romantic side by comparing himself to Wuthering Heights antihero, Heathcliff.
the fearsome antihero, who is Beowulf's physical and symbolic nemesis.
An antihero is someone who lives outside of the law, and, I guess, traditionally he does some noble act in the end to bring redemption.