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opposed to heresy

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1519) wrote his Storia di Milano, for his account of the Guglielmites is based entirely on stock antiheretical cliches and shows no awareness of the movement's true nature.
She reveals the deliberate way in which the Donatists crafted their use of antiheretical legislation to condemn their own Maximianist schismatics; in so doing they paved the way for Catholics to use the same laws against the Donatists.
Recourse by Peter the Venerable to the patristic antiheretical literature is prominently evident in Summa totius haeresis Saracenorum, the lengthier Liber contra sectam sive haeresim Saracenorum, and Epistola 17 addressed to Bernard of Clairvaux.
We have already seen that these views in Liber Nicholay were standard topoi in antiheretical works.
These types of writings, unlike his biblical commentaries or other antiheretical writings which may have been used in a school setting, were compositions intended for a community of faith.