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opposed to heresy

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We might imagine the monastery as containing a workshop that steadily generated Iosif's antiheretical writings in various combinations, subject to further revisions on the outside.
62) In August 1296, as Guglielma's cult continued to flourish despite the friars' disapproval, the newly elected Boniface VIII issued the antiheretical bull Saepe sanctam Ecclesiam, authorizing action against laypersons, "even of the female sex," who usurped priestly authority by hearing confessions, forming conventicles, preaching, and bestowing the Holy Spirit through the imposition of hands.
315-27), Stroumsa stresses the role of the church and individual holy men as well as the antiheretical laws of the state.
She reveals the deliberate way in which the Donatists crafted their use of antiheretical legislation to condemn their own Maximianist schismatics; in so doing they paved the way for Catholics to use the same laws against the Donatists.
Recourse by Peter the Venerable to the patristic antiheretical literature is prominently evident in Summa totius haeresis Saracenorum, the lengthier Liber contra sectam sive haeresim Saracenorum, and Epistola 17 addressed to Bernard of Clairvaux.
These types of writings, unlike his biblical commentaries or other antiheretical writings which may have been used in a school setting, were compositions intended for a community of faith.