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an anagram that means the opposite of the original word or phrase

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IRON Three irrelevant transposals (noir, inro, Rion); a weak antigram, in Or--in gold, not iron.
Six more possible antigrams are all grammatically unparallel words.
In 1991, I used my recently-acquired computer to assemble a set of 8876 anagrams and antigrams drawn from "Anagrammasia," a collection drawn from early puzzle publications by Newton B.
Astute as he was, Pulliam surely noticed but failed to mention that many of these words, with an apt rearrangement of the other letters (which he presents only as alphomes), can make good anagrams about palindromes--definitives, antigrams and cognates.
In the November 2009 Kickshaws, eve Michaelsen presented a selection of antigrams (antonymic anagrams) from various sources, but excluded mention of any from Word Ways.