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Residual antigenicity of hypoallergenic infant formulas and the occurrence of milk-specific IgE antibodies in patients with clinical allergy.
mAbs provide a more powerful tool than polyclonal serum or animal antiserum for defining the antigenic structures of a given protein in the context of the antigen-antibody interactions and play a vital role in studies of viral antigenicity and immunology (27).
The antigenicity of a collagen biomaterial can be reduced by the process of cross-linking (20).
1), inferring that there were important antigen determinants at both termini of the N protein but that the antigenicity at the COOH terminus was higher than that at the N[H.
5, peptide N66 has relatively low antigenicity because of a correspondingly lower score for accessible residues (6.
from Loss of High-Molecular-Weight Cytokeratin Antigenicity in Prostate Tissue Obtained by Transurethral Resections--Multhaupt et al)
Atelocollagen has extremely low antigenicity and is remarkably compatible with and stable to other material.
As compared with the vaccine strain, 47 aa mutations occurred in the HA protein of H5N2qd14, of which 9 (I124V, H126R, G154E, K155N, L162V, I166T, T182A, V189I, D198N) were located on the antigenic epitopes of the viral protein, suggesting that H5N2qd14 is likely distinct in antigenicity from the vaccine strain (6,7).
The reason for this discrepancy is not clear, but one possibility is that it is caused by differences in the antigenicity of the myoglobin in the samples.
As an internal control for antigenicity, all cases were also stained with prostate-specific antigen (PSA) antibodies, prostatespecific acid phosphatase (PSAP) antibodies, and antibodies against the intermediate filament vimentin.
It also has the potential for the rapid manufacturing of antiviral human and animal vaccines since protein integrity and antigenicity are retained during the purely physical virus inactivation step.
Glycosylation at 158N of the hemagglutinin protein and receptor binding specificity synergistically affect the antigenicity and immunogenicity of a live attenuated H5N1 A/Vietnam/1203/2004 vaccine virus in ferrets.
Chimeric Antibodies: Show Lesser Antigenicity II-25
To prepare an anti-peptide monoclonal antibody reacting only with HMGB1, we selected a peptide sequence (peptide 1; GKGDPKKPRGK) with high antigenicity and different from that of HMGB2.