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magnetic field creates parallel but opposing spins

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Most scientists believe that the similarity between the two families suggests that the breakdown of antiferromagnetism plays a role in helping electrons pair, though no one is yet sure exactly how.
Among other things, he studied Kondo materials and antiferromagnetism before turning his attention to scanning tunneling microscopy.
This book is devoted to the mathematical description of interesting phenomena which occur in solids, such as ferromagnetism, antiferromagnetism and superconductivity.
If individual particles of these powders are crystalline on the order of 1 m then they will have antiferromagnetic coupling similar to that of bulk, but if they are agglomerations of much finer particles, say 19 nm (43), then these particles will lose their antiferromagnetism and exhibit superparamagnetism (6).
He and his colleagues are now collaborating with Seagate scientists to identify other materials that retain their antiferromagnetism up to higher temperatures.
Magnetism - An Introduction II-6 Characteristics of Magnets II-6 A Glance at Developmental History II-6 Magnetism II-7 Various Types of Magnetism II-7 Diamagnetism II-7 Paramagnetism II-7 Ferromagnetism II-7 Antiferromagnetism II-8 Ferrimagnetism II-8