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someone who does not believe in the social or economic or political equality of men and women

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The chapter includes a discussion of Giles of Rome's De Regimine Principium, in which Schieberle outlines Giles's antifeminist views and notes his representation of the parallels between the realm and the household.
21) Consequently, pro- and antifeminist discourse become equal sides in a never-ending debate, not unlike that which Chaucers other heir John Lydgate was to depict in A Mumming at Hertford some twenty-five years later.
My discussion is based upon long-term field research conducted since 2004 on both feminists and antifeminist conservatives involved in the debates on "gender free" since the early 2000s in Japan.
All antifeminist thinkers hold in common the thesis that there are innate and unalterable psychological differences between women and men, differences which make it in the interests of both sexes for women to play a subordinate, private role, destined for wife-and-motherhood.
Given Nietzsche's love for Cosima to the very end, what explains his later tendency to emphasize his antifeminist side?
Prendergast ends her study with "Dogges, Verse, and Effeminate Men: The Misandronic Railings of Anger, Sharp, and Munda," which examines women who defended their gender against antifeminist attacks through the masculine aesthetic of railing.
It is not clear what motivates Russia, although there is a strong antifeminist strain in President Vladimir V.
In the 1970s, Phyllis Schlafly's Eagle Forum mobilized antifeminist women to campaign against the Equal Rights Amendment, while opposition to abortion rights galvanized a new group of female activists.
I agree there is an Islamic agenda, which exists along with the relativist, liberal, antifeminist, pacifist, socialist, secular, Hindu, Protestant, Catholic agendas (etc.
The dominant culture still does not sanction their work, and antifeminist, mostly male criticism tries to put down female feminist criticism.
Equality with a vengeance; men's rights groups, battered women, and antifeminist backlash.
11) To prove this negative connotation of feminism, the author offers, throughout this article, a large account-punctuated with witty, ironical remarks--of the antifeminist attitudes publicly manifested, without any reasonable explanation, all along the post-communist period by notable Romanian intellectuals.
Hooks refutes the antifeminist claim that black women are not victims of sexist oppression nor in need of an autonomous women's movement.
But Political Manhood does a fine job of explaining the eclipse of radical Progressivism in the 1920s when homophobic and antifeminist forces joined with political conservatism to silence progressive voices.
The child''s activist parents are now divorced and dad (Kevin R McNally) is now a antifeminist university lecturer.