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activity indicative of belief in the superiority of men over women

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If Shalit justifies her antifeminism with gallant Jimmy Stewarts and blushing maidens, Crittenden sees men who'll leave their wives at a moment's notice for a big- breasted blonde.
But while Cohen is confident that there is broad support for the gains of feminism, and that "[c]ultural progressivism is the new American way," I'm still troubled by the deep appeal that antifeminism has, both for the other side and for some of our own.
Leading anti-Communists deployed antifeminism to generate popular enthusiasm for their attacks on the New Deal and the Truman administration.
35) For Cicero as well as his early modern descendents, in other words, the ideal of friendship was never far removed from antifeminism, and a struggle between same-sex and other-sex bonds remained even as the former became a model for the companionate marriage promoted by Protestant theologians.
It is only in the seven-year period other Scottish reign that the stark complexities of what Mary signifies emerge: a Catholic queen who sought to rule in a decade marked by Reformist agitation, a dissident and disaffected Protestant nobility, and a cultural and political climate that fostered antifeminism.
Antiabortion activity continues to spring from a variety of motives, from religious conviction, to antifeminism, to building the right wing of the Republican Party.
Thus, the antifeminism of Precepts may be explained as deriving from the Latin proverbial and instructional tradition, in contrast to the other Old English gnomic statements about women, which seem to reflect a different, perhaps native Anglo-Saxon tradition.
Rheda's recent stories harshly criticize first-world antifeminism and assumptions of superiority.
But the thinly veiled racism of Silber's campaign and his unvernished homophobia and antifeminism repelled liberal Democrats and swing voters in the suburbs.
Fleming not only found "no evidence of antifeminism," but denied that Hoccleve is in fact laughing at women in the Cupid.
As perhaps the coolest of my cool scholars, Ross demonstrates my thesis particularly well: though ambivalence toward feminism would seem to be at odds with hipness in a political sense, in terms of reigning cultural narratives about men and mothers, masculinity and femininity, a degree of antifeminism may actually be intrinsic to hipness, a significant part of what constitutes it as such.
24] Few helped more in the mainstreaming of Freudianism than Marynia Farnham and Ferdinand Lundberg, whose best-seller Modern Woman: The Lost Sex, published in 1947, elaborated on the symbolism of the vaginal orgasm and the implicit antifeminism in psychoanalytic ideas about normal womanhood.
This, too, is true across the political board: It's Phyllis Schlafly's antifeminism, not her anticommunism, that made her name a household word.
Angela Howard and Sasha Ranae Adams Tarrant, eds, Antifeminism in America: A Reader.
English-language readers can get the flavor of Fouque's antifeminism from this other passage translated in Elaine Marks and Isabelle de Courtivron's New French Feminisms: An Anthology (Amherst: University of Massachusetts Press, 1980), 11718: "Feminists are a bourgeois avant-garde that maintains, in an inverted form, dominant values.