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Each group comprised of 100 subjects labeled as Group-A (control group had healthy individuals), Group-B (newly diagnosed epileptic patients without antiepileptic therapy), Group-C (epileptic patients on Carbamazepine therapy, which was further subdivided into C-I having epileptic patients on Carbamazepine therapy less than 1 year n = 33, C-II had epileptic patients on Carbamazepine therapy 1-2 years n = 33 and C-III comprised of epileptic patients on Carbamazepine therapy more than 2 years n = 34).
Aptiom is the latest member of the dibenzazepine carboxamide family of antiepileptic drugs, an established class of medicines.
The Epilepsy Birth Control Registry enrolled women with epilepsy aged 18-47 years who had a history of using at least one form of contraception while on antiepileptic treatment, and the 1,144 women who completed the survey reported a total of 2,712 contraceptive experiences.
Many of the challenges posed by treating elderly patients are due to age-related changes in pharmacokinetics of antiepileptic drugs (AEDs).
Antiepileptic medications are known to have deleterious effects on the foetus when used in the antenatal period.
6 months, 50 were seizure free at 3 months, and 49 of those children were treated with antiepileptic drugs.
The IQs were compared to matched children who were not exposed to the antiepileptic medication.
Since women in the study were taking antiepileptic drugs throughout pregnancy, it is unclear whether the effects on IQ are related to the timing or duration of prenatal valproate exposure, so "exposure to valproate at any time during pregnancy should be considered to have the potential to result in decreased IQ in children," the advisory says.
announced today that it will launch antiepileptic agent Inovelon(R) Tablets 100 mg and 200 mg (rufinamide) in Japan on May 29 as an adjunctive therapy to other antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) in the treatment of Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS).
SAN DIEGO--Women who were most likely to be on older antiepileptic drugs were the least likely to be counseled about the dangers those drugs pose to bone health in a retrospective study of 756 women with epilepsy.
Epilepsy is the most common chronic neurological disease and patients are treated by various classes of antiepileptic drugs (1).
SeeNews) - Dec 4, 2012 - Belgian biopharmaceuticals company UCB SA (EBR:UCB) today presented new data aimed at increasing understanding of short- and long-term clinical profile of antiepileptic drug Vimpat (lacosamide).
Antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) are increasingly used for the treatment of several non-epileptic neurological conditions and psychiatric disorders [2].
In terms of pharmacological management, the authors provide rationale for selection of antiepileptic drugs specific to seizure type, along with need for monotherapy versus combination therapy.
The cases were defined as women with active epilepsy on or off antiepileptic drugs who were intending to get pregnant.