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conducting nerve impulses in a direction opposite to normal

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In the axillary and prophyllar branching, the disposition of branches can follow a fight-hand or left-hand spiral; showing an antidromic arrangement.
Antidromic method was used in which recording of compound nerve action potential was done distally and stimulation of the nerve proximally.
Secondly, the direct activation of sensorimotor nerve fibers with orthodromic and antidromic conduction (Struppler et al.
Median and ulnar nerve motor conduction velocity, distal motor latency, amplitude of compound muscle action potential, median and ulnar nerve antidromic sensory conduction velocity, distal sensory latency and amplitude of sensory action potential, median nerve palm-to-wrist segment mixed orthodromic sensory conduction velocity, radial nerve antidromic sensory conduction velocity and amplitude of sensory action potential were established.
For example, make sure that when an expert says "neural antidromic mechanism," jurors understand that it means "nerve impulses going the wrong way.