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In preliminary clinical trials, Therapeutic Lifestyle Change has resulted in a rate of favorable response that is over three times higher than that of antidepressant drugs alone.
We were quite surprised when paroxetine came out as an active compound -a result, we later determined, of what seems to be a completely new effect unrelated to its antidepressant actions and not shared by any other known antidepressant drug.
What's more, they were less than half as likely to report side effects as those who took the antidepressant drugs.
Case study evaluation of the strategies employed by key players in the antidepressant drug class market, including Wyeth, Forest, and Lundbeck.
Considering that pharmaceutical companies have also been caught over the years suppressing evidence of toxicity (as with Vioxx and other drugs), one wonders what other unsuspected dangers of antidepressant drugs will eventually surface.
In contrast, little variation was found in suicide risk across antidepressant drugs in the adult subjects.
A source close to the fighter told the Associated Press that Tyson had been taken off an antidepressant drug at the direction of a jail physician two days before the incident.
Eleven percent of Americans age 12 and over are reported to be taking an antidepressant drug in the CDC's National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES).
In an experimental model of depression, Rhodiola performed as well as St John's wort and the antidepressant drug imipramine.
In what he hopes is a precedent, Balbert noted that the NIH already plans to finance a study comparing a plant, Saint Johnswort, and a prescription antidepressant drug.
Another antidepressant drug could soon be ready for prescription prime time, after the Food and Drug Administration last month issued an "approvable" letter for the antidepressant duloxetine.
John's wort (SJW) was as effective as a common prescription antidepressant drug in reducing symptoms of depression.
The findings may lead to fewer side effects for patients undergoing antidepressant drug therapy.
The preparations, pills or liquids, also appeared to be as effective as antidepressant drug therapy, reported lead researcher Klaus Linde of Ludwig-Maximilians Universitat in Munich, Germany.
Leventer served at Wyeth as Director, Clinical R&D and as Clinical Team Leader for the US trials of Wyeth's antidepressant drug, Effexor(R) (venlafaxine).