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of or relating to or characteristic of the atmosphere around a high pressure center

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At this time, anticyclonic and cyclonic eddies are almost all masked by the strong currents.
The temporal average of the geostrophic currents indicates a predominantly anticyclonic circulation (Fig.
An upper-air anticyclonic core, linked to the surface core close to 400S, ensures dry conditions to prevail for the weekend and into the new week.
The arrival of the STB Remnant apparently impelled the AWO into contact with oval BA, leading to the rapid merger of the two anticyclonic circulations.
A strengthened Beaufort Gyre is associated with the anticyclonic circulation regime, or low-index NAM phase (Fig.
In contrast, Blaja and Sturges (1981) presented evidence for a wind-driven circulation in the GM, and anticyclonic gyre caused predominantly by wind stress curl.
The thermocline was deepest to the west of the study area and an anoxic layer was found at 100 m, interrupted by two anticyclonic coastal gyres detected through measurements of temperature and salinity.
Lagrangian observations of the anticyclonic ring in the western Gulf of Mexico.
The schematic above indicates that the mean deep western boundary current continues to flow to the north, but now the mean interior circulation is anticyclonic (counterclockwise), opposite to that found in the absence of time-dependent motions.
Two ENSO-related processes were proposed to explain this phenomena: 1) the persistent western North Pacific anticyclonic anomaly in the lower troposphere due to the ENSO-related wind-evaporation-SST feedback (Wang et al.
Satellite Chl-a and geostrophic currents derived from satellite altimetry are used to evaluate the spatial and temporal trajectory of anticyclonic eddies generated in the CTZ, their interaction with the Juan Fernandez Archipelago, and the potential effect on Chl-a concentrations.
Occasional showers spread also to the south as the upper level vortex formed advecting a band of moist air into its circulation, providing energy which helped trigger its departure: A trite unusual for the time of year, but with some support from the equally valuable and active anticyclonic cores proceeding along their more southerly tracks between some 38 and 45oS.
The anticyclonic high-pressure system towers 8 km over the surrounding cloud tops (nearly as high as Mount Everest).
A comprehensive account of the anticyclonic ovals of the NNTZ is in press in the Journal, with Gianluigi Adamoli, revealing that a Little Red Spot in this zone has existed for at least 16 years, and revealing correlations for all these ovals between their longevity, size, appearance, and dynamical properties.
Using an ocean model run with atmospheric forcing over the last 50 years, Proshutinsky and Johnson (1997) report two decadally varying regimes corresponding to anticyclonic and cyclonic circulations of the arctic atmosphere and ocean.