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(meteorology) winds spiraling outward from a high pressure center

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Taking the present meteorological situation into consideration (in the absence of a cyclonic activity), the atmospheric pressure increase and anticyclones arrival to the observation point in 4-5 days was predicted using the criterion of +40 imp/h.
Most likely, the cranes from the West European flyway use favourable tailwinds of the western cyclones and the cranes from the eastern flyways use favourable tailwinds of the southern cyclones and anticyclones.
A comparative study of jovian anticyclone properties from a six-year (1994-2000) survey', Icarus 157, 76-90 (2002)
Frontal features associated with the Loop Current and anticyclones have been reported to extend up to 60 km from the 17-cm contour.
Based on this classification, all cyclones and anticyclones in the years 1965-1974 have been counted from the synoptic maps by Ene Linno.
Using archaeoclimatic methods (Bryson 2005), the latitude of the ITC at 80[degrees]E may be calculated as a function of the location of the subtropical anticyclones and the jet stream.
September is often drier than any of the summer months, in fact, there is often a period of settled weather as anticyclones keep the unsettled low pressure systems at bay.
They describe the energy cycle, temperature, water in the atmosphere, global-scale winds, atmospheric-ocean interactions, air masses and fronts, extratropical cyclones and anticyclones, thunderstorms and tornadoes, small-scale winds, weather forecasting, past and present climates, and human influences on climate.
A positive phase of the EA-Jet pattern reflects an intensification of westerlies over the central latitudes of the eastern North Atlantic and over much of Europe, while a negative phase reflects a strong split-flow configuration over these regions, sometimes in association with long-lived blocking anticyclones in the vicinity of Greenland and Great Britain.
Smith, 1995: Climatological features of blocking anticyclones in the Northern Hemisphere.
Particularly, during summer, anticyclones (high pressure areas) when the easterly breezes which brings sea-fog to resorts like Scarborough, are actually as warm and dry as continental wind flows by the time they reach here.
Differences in temperatures on land and sea at the coast on warm, sunny days lead to sea breezes but winds also blow out from high-pressure regions or anticyclones, and into low-pressure regions or depressions.
The giant storms, or anticyclones, known as BC and DE, had persisted for 58 years at a latitude of 33 [degrees] S.
The book includes a number of new data obtained in recent years, in particular material relating to the recently discovered new structures in spiral galaxies: giant anticyclones, cyclones and slow bars.