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sloping downward away from a common crest

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is a gold mineralised anticline present at the Clay Lake gold target,
MARC0138 passed through the hinge of the anticline beneath the existing pit in a position where previous drilling had failed to penetrate through the entire mineralised sequence and therefore appears to have missed the highest grade material at the base of the lode.
Inter limb angle for Kuh pahn anticline is 154[degrees] so it is a gentle fold (fig 5).
2011 Pinedale Anticline Development Also, Double Eagle participated in the drilling of approximately 16 gross (1.
The Antelope Tail prospect lies on the southeastern portion of the Pinedale anticline in Sublette County, Wyoming, on trend with a number of significant overpressured Lance-Mesaverde natural gas discoveries made over the past several years.
Key Words: valley anticline, Warrensburg Sandstone, Pennsylvanian, Desmoinesian Series, Cherokee Group, slumping, channel sandstone, valley incision.
These new facilities provide capital to enable the partnership to grow its existing operations and fund an important acquisition of our interest in Anticline," said James Burke, High Sierra Energy Chief Executive Officer.
Recent detailed surface mapping, in conjunction with new seismic interpretation, has been used to position the Naga Selatan-2 well at or near the axial crest of the anticline in the vicinity of known oil seeps.
Trapping geometries targeted initially are structural traps in the form of inverted hanging wall roll overs that form the Caistor anticline.
The report "Greater Sage-grouse Winter Habitat Selection Relative to Natural Gas Field Infrastructure in Northern Portions of the Pinedale Anticline Project Area Sublette County, Wyoming" presents the first four years of data from the study.
DENVER -- High Sierra Water Services, a leading flowback and produced water treatment specialist, announced today that its flagship Anticline facility has surpassed 22 million barrels (924 million gallons) of water treated.
The properties consist of further interests in a number of Denbury s current operated fields in the Cedar Creek Anticline, together with operating interests in other Cedar Creek Anticline fields.
Approximately 975 undrilled locations in the Atlantic Rim and Pinedale Anticline
Texola' or the 'Company') (OTCBB:TXLA) is currently working with Cedar Strat in reviewing the two large anticline trend areas identified from data generated to date.
The Simrit-3 well is located approximately 10 km east of the successful Simrit-2 discovery well, and is exploring the eastern extent of the large scale Simrit anticline.