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sloping downward away from a common crest

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The epidermis of the gland is composed of one or two rows of cells which are anticlinally elongate and larger than the cells of the single layered epidermis of the pinna adjacent to the gland (Figs.
micro]m longitudinally and 46 [micro]m anticlinally.
Instead, it has a centrally located "central mother-cell zone" of randomly dividing cells and a "peripheral zone" in which cells divide anticlinally (perpendicular to the surface) so that layers are maintained but also occasionally divide periclinally.
In Convallaria and Canna the archesporial cell divides into a proximal megasporocyte and a distal parietal cell, which then repeatedly divides anticlinally to form a single layer of cells between the megasporocyte and the nucellar epidermis.
Most leptosporangiate ferns share a common shoot apical organizational pattern, in which a superficial layer of large anticlinally elongate cells overlies a zone of smaller isodiametric cells.