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sloping downward away from a common crest

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The Zagros fold-thrust belt involve gigantic anticlinal traps, with fracturing producing well connected hydrocarbon reservoirs and groundwater aquifers (Beydoun et al.
Faulkner added, "We feel we have a perfect acreage position directly on top of this anticlinal mound.
The phosphate deposits of Tunisia are all sediments, found in Metlaoui Formation in the southern part of the Tunis basin- the anticlinal deposits of the Gafsa region and the perched synclinal deposits of the Tebessa-Thala region.
Each slightly curved dislocation is associated with open anticlinal and synclinal folds with wavelengths of 2-3 km, complicated by minor folds.
cells rectangular; adaxial and abaxial anticlinal walls linear.
Anticlinal wall pattern is either identical on both surfaces or dissimilar on either surface, it varies from straight-curved in all species (Table 1, Fig.
Four key structural components are recognized: (1) a tight anticlinal fold, which is oriented radically away from the inner crater; (2) breccia on the crest of the anticline, along the thrust faults, and in thick accumulations; (3) inward-directed thrust faults; and (4) normal faults.
Surface view of epidermis: The epidermal cells of the adaxial face showed straight, anticlinal walls of 4 to 5 sides.
The acre of property is located in a structurally high position in the western part of the Torrance Field, which is on the same anticlinal trend as the super giant Wilmington Field.
The Sala-1 drilled a large 80kmA anticlinal feature along the northern basin bounding fault in the Cretaceous Anza graben and found various sandstone intervals containing oil and gas shows.
Reservoirs are in Cretaceous carbonates, mostly dolomites sourced by Cretaceous shales, and traps are anticlinal closures.
the results depicted an anticlinal folding sequence of the gold bearing
The anticlinal structure is generally defined by subsurface well control with the interpretation and proposed location confirmed by integrating 3D Seismic.
The Cardiff structure has been identified as a large anticlinal trap, some 12 km long by 3 km wide, with a number of potential pay zones within the Kapuni Sands Formation.