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Synonyms for anticlimax

Synonyms for anticlimax

a disappointing decline after a previous rise

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a change from a serious subject to a disappointing one

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I guess it is a bit of an anticlimax this week, but as I said I would love to pick up both of those trophies on Sunday," said McIlroy, suggesting it was all still to play for.
THIS season has turned out to be a massive anticlimax for Sunderland, but they can at least end on a positive note by winning at doomed West Ham.
FOUR US soldiers are suffering from a severe case of anticlimax following the end of the first Gulf War.
It's an anticlimax and I feel as if I have wasted my time reading it.
The 'Grayson race', the 6f handicap at Lingfield, proved a bit of an anticlimax, the field dwindling from five runners to two, but there was plenty of excitement on Betfair, with Foxy Music punted down to 1.
But as the group, which included a journalist from The Grocer, was enjoying the high life, came something of an anticlimax.
Then, after that anticlimax, Republicans will get together in New York to decide that - surprise surprise - they're picking President George W.
The second half was an anticlimax as both sides tired in the heat, but a penalty by Westall was more than matched by a final Stourbridge try from powerful full back Marcus Cook.
And its main internal feature, a grand processional staircase, makes no sense at all: it is spectacularly oversized for the small population of the building; it arrives with a great sense of anticlimax at, well, nothing; it deposits you at the wrong end of the building if your office is on the top floor above the entrance; and is as sterile a space as can be imagined.
Was it the anticlimax of England's World Cup hopes?
Excited by the slightest relief from the monotony, be it flicker or twitch, our sense of palpable anticlimax puts us where celebrity and nothingness are one.
By the time the show opened, after much headline-making turmoil backstage, it had suffered a similar anticlimax and had all the impact of a daiquiri without the rum.
Unfortunately, Blond Ghost descends to anticlimax when, in an epilogue, Corn describes the one interview he was able to wrest from Shackley.
Three lengthy chapter on unsuccessful efforts to "reform" Bahian families dilute the focus of the book and lend an air of anticlimax to the proceedings.