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Synonyms for anticlimax

Synonyms for anticlimax

a disappointing decline after a previous rise

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a change from a serious subject to a disappointing one

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Somewhat anticlimactically the winning runs came off four byes, with Wesleyans conceding 27 extras in total, to give Nortonthorpe victory.
But Tuesday night, finally and anticlimactically, the games drew to an endAua last spin of the roulette; the final blackjack hand; one more jangle at the slots.
AND with Perry's own nerve, so superbly held in check for 16 holes, shattered by two bogeys when a par over either of the last two holes would have given him a famous, career-defining victory, gone by now, the end came anticlimactically with another Kenny cock-up at the next.
Summary: Long-suffering Lebanese citizens have waited a very long time to hear the announcement that was made somewhat anticlimactically by the commander of the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF), General Jean Kahwaji, on Thursday: "The security situation is now well controlled.
There were barely sixty killed on both sides, and the conflict unfolded almost anticlimactically before CNN cameras.
Even if it were true, it would backfire: Tomorrow night's episode offers numerous dramas that end anticlimactically.
The book ends rather anticlimactically and without the fantasy-story's "They lived happily ever after" motif.
Thus the plot winds up as anticlimactically as most video-game plays, with the (male) viewer wanting to try it again so the hero won't make the same mistakes twice.
The Nemesis is a generic monstrosity, beginning as a hybrid between epistolary novels and freethinking sermons, and then breaking off midway to conclude, anticlimactically, as a cautionary third-person narrative about hapless would-be adulterers.
Woolworth's five-and-dimes, many with lunch counters, commanded key retail space on Manhattan's heavily trafficked cross streets before closing anticlimactically in 1997.
The England youngster burst through towards goal but his decision to chip Fulham's keeper Edwin van der Saar was illadvised, the lanky Dutchman anticlimactically plucking the ball out of the air into his chest.
Somewhat anticlimactically, the authors find that, except for two rules in which the penalty for interest rate variability is low, there is only a small difference between the loss implied by the average of their models and the loss implied by the Rudebusch and Svensson model.
Generally, the strongest work - a magnificent etching from 1969, for example - comes from the family, but the exhibition tails off anticlimactically with some not very remarkable photographs.
Fittingly, then, if anticlimactically and none too clearly, the narrator (with some of the editor's characteristics intermixed) devotes the next section, twenty-five, to a prose analysis of imagination and related topics.