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one who anticipates

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Table 4 shows the identification of anticipators of Z-scores of WfH, WfA and HfA of the children by using stepwise regression analysis.
To achieve these goals, the CNL role includes nine broad dimensions: 1) team manager, 2) educator, 3) client advocate, 4) clinician, 5) outcomes manager, 6) information manager, 7) systems analyst/ risk anticipator, 8) member of a profession, and 9) lifelong learner.
Confronted by an apparent dichotomy between the story's opening and its conclusion, and the mystery of the sword that appears in the painting but not in the account of the visit to the crypt, McCormack theorizes Le Fanu into the condition of being not only an anticipator (by forty-five years) of Paul Verlaine's celebrated concept of "le poete maudit" but also a proto-deconstructionist, who fuses into the opening ekphrasis (or, description of the painting) elements from the narrative's middle and concluding scenes.
as chair of the Royal College of GPs, the covert anticipator of the
Enigmatic reticence wreathed the return of the typological anticipator of Jesus' resurrection.
As a systems analyst/risk anticipator, the CNL participates in the review and evaluation of processes at the system and individual level to anticipate risks to patient safety, prevent medical error, and improve the quality of patient care delivery (AACN, 2007).
Locate the heat anticipator adjustment lever arm (Photo 2).
I was given the AACN White Paper which defined the role as follows: A clinician, outcomes manager, client advocate, educator, information manager, system analyst/risk anticipator, team manager, member of a profession and that of being a lifelong learner.
CNL graduates are prepared to function in the roles of clinician, outcomes manager, client advocate, educator, information manager, system analyst/risk anticipator, team manager, and member of a profession.
There is a bad cooling anticipator on the thermostat.
Gently but firmly, Pater dismisses the apparently obvious topic of Leonardo as the anticipator of the modern scientific revolution.
The Anticipator is a worrywart who continually is revising the text to make it "better.
IV (1758); Louis Rend Beres, Preserving the Third Temple: Israel's Right of Anticipator.
Put in a slightly more concrete way, these two traits depict man as choosing between the options and the possibilities in present awareness for the sake of something beyond them; the human being has essentially become the planner and anticipator of outcomes.
And if you do that well, you'll move to the higher level of being a problem anticipator.