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The use of smaller alternatives to antibodies in some therapeutic and imaging applications is attracting considerable interest in the pharmaceutical industry, as highlighted by recent high value commercial deals.
CHIKV is the only alphavirus known to circulate in Thailand; antibodies to other alphaviruses were not expected in this study, nor were they assayed.
Nevertheless, recipients of the antibodies fared better than the other people in the study, Herold and his colleagues reported in the June Diabetes.
By making use of human antibody-producing cows it will become possible to create an efficient, safe, and steady supply of polyclonal antibodies.
Distribution of serum antibodies to wheat gliadin and bovine milk in atopic and non-atopic healthy individuals.
2) Antibodies might also be able to prevent mother-to-infant transmission -- without the side effects or potential toxicities of antiretrovirals, without the risk of producing drug-resistant virus, and possibly without requiring the mothers to avoid breast feeding.
Product candidates in human clinical studies include pan-B antibodies to treat B-cell lymphomas, MELIMMUNE therapeutic vaccine to treat malignant melanoma, in addition to the PRIMATIZED anti-CD4 antibody, IDEC-CE9.
VelocImmune provides antibodies that address the targets identified in the mammalian models that can be developed as potential therapeutics.
M2 tetramers are expressed at high density in the plasma membrane of infected cells and are well accessible to M2e-specific antibodies in this location, but only a few copies become incorporated into the envelope of mature infectious virus particles (19,20).
UNWELCOME COMPLEMENT Antibodies had appeared in explanations of rheumatoid arthritis that were popular in the 1960s and 1970s.
A neutralizing antibody response is typically seen when monkeys and humans are exposed to mouse antibodies, and the absence of immunogenicity in these studies is further evidence that PDL's human and humanized (SMART) antibodies may be more useful and convenient therapeutic agents than mouse antibodies.
Monoclonal antibodies to the S protein neutralize the virus and have been mapped (11-14).
GLYCART is developing its own GlycoMAbTM-based antibody portfolio by in-licensing and acquiring antibodies at early stages of development and applying GlycoMAbTM to them.
Researchers studying the autoimmune disease lupus have identified a protein on the surface of brain cells that enables rogue antibodies to attach to and kill these neurons.
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