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Your veterinarian was correct to have culture and antibiotic sensitivity tests performed on the discharge.
The routine antibiotic sensitivity tests were put up for aminoglycosides [amikacin (30 [micro]g), gentamicin (10 [micro]g), netilmicin (30 [micro]g), tobramicin (10 [micro]g)], cephalosporin's [cefoperazone (75 [micro]g), cefepime (30 [micro]g), ceftazidime (30 [micro]g), ceftriaxone (30 [micro]g), ceftizoxime (30 [micro]g)], floroquinolones [ciprofloxacin (5 [micro]g), gatifloxacin (5 [micro]g), lomefloxacin (10 [micro]g)], carbapenems [imipenem (10 [micro]g), meropenem (10 [micro]g)], chloramphenicol (30 [micro]g) and piperacillin/tazobactum (100/10 [micro]g).
Ordinary culture of purulent discharge and antibiotic sensitivity tests were conducted on nine patients, and they were treated with appropriate antibiotics via intravenous or intramuscular injection.
Antibiotic Sensitivity Tests (mm) Description AMC FOS E S SXT P N ENR [E.
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