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Generally, the susceptibility profiles ranged from poor to high depending on the isolates and the antibacterial agent.
We presume this indicates an altered affinity of [beta]-lactam antibacterial agents to the putative [mecA.
F1-835: Structure-Based Design of New DHFR Antibacterial Agents (Part 1): 7-Aryl-2,4-Diaminoquinazolines SAR; X.
Begin with all the healthy students and the group of antibacterial agents scattered and skipping about the free space area.
Antibiotics basics for clinicians; choosing the right antibacterial agent.
CONTAIN antibacterial agents to tackle heart disease, urinary problems and varicose veins.
fragrans, and its effectiveness was investigated in comparison with other well-known commercial antibacterial agents.
Greater use of antibacterial agents was associated with a higher case-mix index, more ICU patient-days per 1,000 patient-days, more cases of pneumonia and septicemia per 1,000 patient-days, and being located in the southern United States.
The survey covered the use of antibacterial agents prescribed by doctors.
Pharmacy and Therapeutic Advisory Consultancy Pty LTD (Melbourne, Australia) has patented a method of potentiating the activity of antibacterial agents that act on bacterial cell walls, comprising the step of administering to a subject an antibacterial agent and an aminoglycoside to attain a peak concentration of at least 4 mg/l of aminoglycoside and thereafter maintaining the aminoglycoside at a concentration of up to 4 mg/l for at least 1 hour.
Now add to this already over-crowded supermarket aisle over 700 products laden with antibacterial agents, which a germ-anxious public has recently sent flying off the shelves.
Perencevich, a research fellow in infectious diseases at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, and colleagues described how they went through the lists of liquid and solid soaps sold in 23 national and local stores to see how many of them contained antibacterial agents.
Dr Syed Ahmed, consultant in public health medicine with Greater Glasgow Health Board, says there is no evidence that using all these antibacterial agents does any good.
The Carbo-tec Hida association said it has succeeded in glazing antibacterial agents onto specially processed sand so that rain will not dissolve them and the antibacterial effects can last a long time.