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No randomized controlled trials directly assessed the question of which antiarrhythmic agents can be safely initiated in the outpatient setting rather than in the hospital.
Kowey has served as a paid consultant to and speaker for Sanofi-Synthelabo, the company developing dronedarone, and in similar capacities for numerous other pharmaceutical companies developing new antiarrhythmic agents.
those without recent myocardial infarction) or other antiarrhythmic drugs is uncertain, but at present, it is prudent to consider any 1C antiarrhythmic to have a significant risk in patients with structural heart disease.
The rationale is that restoring intercellular conduction by stabilizing the gap junction connection may have an antiarrhythmic effect.
Arrhythmologists eagerly await results from two ongoing randomized trials looking at the mortality effects of ICDs versus antiarrhythmic drugs in patients with poor left ventricular function but no sustained or inducible VT to serve as markers for increased arrhythmic death risk.
Winkle to reconsider his long-held preference for rate control over antiarrhythmic agents for maintaining sinus rhythm.
In the absence of contraindications (such as QT lengthening or polymorphic ventricular tachycardia), amiodarone is generally the antiarrhythmic drug of choice and has been validated in numerous clinical trials.
Blomstrom-Lundqvist inferred that the significantly better improvement in quality of life seen with ablation, compared with drug treatment, occurred because the ablated patients all came off antiarrhythmic drug treatment.
Patients received an implantable cardiac monitor for a two month run-in period, then were randomised to ablation with pulmonary vein isolation or antiarrhythmic drug therapy with adequate dosages according to guidelines.
It's notable that antiarrhythmic drug development has almost been stopped because the drugs don't work, with the possible exception of amiodarone, which requires an individualized risk/benefit assessment," according to Dr.
Various therapeutic options are available to treat patients with AF, and most patients will receive some form of antithrombotic therapy, a heart rate control agent, and potentially, an antiarrhythmic drug for rhythm control.
Although antiarrhythmic agents are still mentioned in the guidelines, treatment of the precipitating or reversible causes of AF are first recommended.
Our study aimed at to shed a light on the issue to investigate the antiarrhythmic effects of matrine by using ouabain to construct an arrhythmic model of cardiomyocytes.
According to the contract, Swati Spentose will be responsible for distribution of products that are used in several anaesthetic and antiarrhythmic applications in the form of topical, oral, transdermal and injectable products.