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(computer graphics) a technique that is used to smooth jagged distortions in curves and diagonal lines so they appear smoother

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OMEGA]](A) is defined as a selective operation which setting the n-th (n [member of] [OMEGA]) column of A to zeroes, act as an antialiasing filter in our scheme.
De esas tecnicas podemos mencionar: Aliasing (escalonado), Antialiasing (alisado), Dithering, (falso degrade), Compositing IBR (composicion con imagenes pre-existentes), Wireframe (modelizacion 3D), Mapping (texturizado), Morphing (modelacion y animacion de forma), Raytracing (simulacion de luces), entre otras (Jullier, 2004)
The works are divided into sections covering geometry manipulation, rendering, global illumination effects, shadows, 3D engine design, and GPGPU, and individual essays address topics such as geometric antialiasing methods, volumetric real-time water and foam rendering, screen-space bent cones, depth rejected gobo shadows, and directionally adaptive edge filtering using DirectX 11.
The DT9838 provides four channels, each with its own separate 24-bit Delta-Sigma A/D converter with integrated antialiasing filter.
The generated OFDM signals are filtered by two antialiasing low-pass filters (LPFs) with 2.
New FX and TX antialiasing and Adaptive Vsync technologies to enrich visual quality without compromising gaming performance
37] La estructura de una PMU (Figura 4) se comporte de un sistema de adquisicion de datos que cuenta con un filtro antialiasing apropiado, un modulo conversor analogo-digital, un microprocesador para los calculos de los fasores y un receptor de GPS, el cual le proporciona una serial de un pulso por segundo y la etiqueta de tiempo.
Next signal enters to 4th order low-pass Bessel type analog antialiasing filter followed by 16 channel external data acquisition unit Advantech USB-4716.
Appropriate antialiasing filters were employed during each of the resampling processes.
Data for the first five measurement time rendering GI mode IR QMC +IR QMC +IR QMC +IR QMC +IR Diffuse depth 3 3 3 3 3 Smoothing Very Very Very Medium Medium heavy heavy heavy method Oversempling Very Very Medium Medium Minimal heavy heavy Antialiasing Best Best Best Best Best time 01 h 01 h 01 h 01 h 01 h 52 min 37 min 23 min 10 min 03 min 50 sec 50 sec 49 sec 45 sec 43 sec Tab.
From antialiasing filters used before A to D converters, to reconstruction filters after D to A converters, to intermediate frequency (IF) strips, applications for filters are everywhere.
Features include subpixel antialiasing, true displacement, motionblur, depth-of-field, support for NURBS, subdivision surfaces, particles, and ray tracing.
render the element as white pixels on a black background without antialiasing
of Technology, Sydney) describes how to write a ray tracer step-by-step, starting with design and programming and some essential mathematics and theoretical foundations, moving to such details as antialiasing, sampling techniques, mapping samples to a disk or a hemisphere, perspective viewing and developing a practical viewing system, nonlinear projections, stereoscopy, lights and materials, specular reflection, shadows, ambient occlusion, area lights, ray-object interconnections, affine transformations, transforming objects, regular grids, triangle meshes, mirror reflections, global illumination, simple and realistic transparency, texture mapping, procedural textures and noise-based textures.
The Xbox 360 has three powerful core processors for fantastic graphics, 16x9 cinematic aspect ratio, antialiasing for smooth textures, full surround sound and DVD playback right out of the box.