anti-virus program

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a computer program that checks a computer for viruses and prevents their spread

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The contract is for the purchase of multi-user license for anti-virus program and update the virus database for a period of 36 months and the implementation of the needs of Lower Silesia Marshal~s Office.
In addition, said the report, Flame tried to work out which security scanning software was installed on a target machine and then disguised itself as a type of computer file that an individual anti-virus program would not usually suspect of harboring malicious code.
The user, of course, has the option to turn off the anti-virus program, but we do not recommend it.
Purchasing and installing an anti-virus program is easy.
IF YOU prefer not to use an anti-virus program because you don't download software and don't feel that you need real-time virus checking, you can simply visit Trend Micro's free online virus scanner.
The other worm is potentially more dangerous because it poses as an anti-virus program.
It is the ideal complement for any anti-virus program.
and was detected by employees and an anti-virus program about 15 minutes later.
Contract notice: Purchase multi-user license for anti-virus program and update the virus database for a period of 36 months and the implementation of the needs of lower silesia marshal~s office.
The anti-virus program blocks all known viruses and this has been going on for a long time.
IT admins across the globe have been left reeling, after servers and PCs running McAfee VirusScan were brought down when the anti-virus program attacked their core system files.
Kaspersky Lab gives users the following advice on protecting themselves from phishing scams: do not complete a form in an e-mail message asking for personal information and enter such information using a secure website; avoid clicking on links in e-mail messages; never give passwords or PINs via e-mail, or by any other method to an unknown person; make sure your anti-virus program blocks phishing attacks; and make sure you install security patches for your web browser and other applications.
A free anti-virus program has been introduced for online users by the online division of Internet company AOL.
And while network users can opt out of having their e-mail filtered, they must agree to run all messages through an anti-virus program.
Only a multi-functional anti-virus program, which works with the operating system at the very lowest levels and moilitors all system functions, is able to detect rootkits in an infected system.