anti-racketeering law

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law intended to eradicate organized crime by establishing strong sanctions and forfeiture provisions

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NEW YORK The federal anti-racketeering law has been used since the late 1970s to bring down mob bosses.
antitrust, commodity and anti-racketeering laws over the nearly seven-year period.
Walker, who has accused Exxon Mobil of manufacturing a product that is "destroying this earth," is examining whether the company violated the territory's anti-racketeering laws.
That means, the Worcester lawyer argued, his client had not contributed to the lifeblood of organized crime that was the reason Congress created anti-racketeering laws that carry such heavy penalties; therefore, Randy Albertelli should be allowed to serve a year's home confinement to avoid robbing his wife and two young children of his support and avoid the loss of jobs for 12 to 14 employees of the Green Street Recycling Co.
He told a meeting of EU justice ministers that the Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) should be the blueprint for every state with tough anti-racketeering laws .
District Court in San Francisco charges that the companies - Blue Cross of California, PacifiCare Health Systems and Foundation Health Systems - are violating federal anti-racketeering laws and interfering with doctors' ability to treat their patients.
Richard Scruggs, a lawyer who figured prominently in the lawsuits brought against tobacco companies, in November filed suit against five HMOs, charging them with anti-racketeering laws.
Hogan said he will seeka strengthening of anti-racketeering laws to combat the violent gangs in the state and endorses mandatory sentencing for repeat, violent offenders.
He is now facing court action under anti-racketeering laws in the States over his part in the takeover of a Texas aviation fuel company.
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