anti-personnel bomb

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a bomb with only 10 to 20 per cent explosive and the remainder consisting of casings designed to break into many small high-velocity fragments

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The regime of President Omar al Bashir is dropping anti-personnel bombs full of ball bearings on farming villages.
Mohammad Ayub Hussainkhel, who said they had seized a suicide vest, 12 Kalashnikovs, 42 pistols, 105 magazines, 190 anti-personnel bombs and a huge amount of explosives.
The plane that had dropped these flares then began flying back and forth across our hospital tents and nearby enlisted men's tents, dropping anti-personnel bombs and strafing the tents.
They were anti-personnel bombs and fire bombs; if they had gone off as intended, they could have killed hundreds of soldiers and their dates.
This time, around 300 of the Luftwaffe's bombers dropped everything from aerial torpedoes to oil bombs and anti-personnel bombs along with parachute mines which exploded on impact and were capable of taking out entire blocks of houses.
These anti-personnel bombs kill nearly a thousand people a month and maim thousands of others, many of them children.
The single charge relates to the discovery of a cache of anti-personnel bombs discovered in woodland in Freeland, Oxon and a further device found in Syreford, Glos, between August 19 and August 25 last year.
The Spanish weekly Articulo 20 quoted Spanish air force captain Adolofo Luis Martin as saying a colonel he served with refused "a coded order from the American military that we should drop anti-personnel bombs over the localities of Pristina and Nis.
Sudan mostly drops anti-personnel bombs full of shrapnel, but it occasionally drops cluster bombs.
Five anti-personnel bombs and a walkie-talkie were recovered from him.
DEFENCE Secretary Geoff Hoon yesterday defended the use of giant anti-personnel bombs as appropriate weapons for bringing more pressure on the Taliban.
The New York Times reported the demolition of four houses in the town of Merdare by anti-personnel bombs, "killing five people, including Bozina Tosovic, thirty, and his eleven-month-old daughter, Bojana.
Last night showed us for the third time how these people are capable of making crude but extremely effective anti-personnel bombs.
He also said that over the past few decades more than 156 million square metres of land had been cleared of landmines in the provinces, and that more than 30,000 anti-personnel bombs, 1,900 anti-tank mines, and 1.
Intelligence officials had also discovered and defused more than 1,000 mortar shells, roadside bombs and anti-personnel bombs, he said.