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Synonyms for anti-intellectual

a person who is uninterested in intellectual pursuits

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smug and ignorant and indifferent or hostile to artistic and cultural values


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Introduced into the prim, prefabricated, apolitical+ and, in the end, anti-intellectual order of the New Critics, therefore, was the relativistic chaos of reader response, semiotics, contextualization, and the struggle for social power.
You have Richard Hofstadter writing in the '50s on the anti-intellectual tradition in America.
Although he claimed to "have no theories, no special techniques and no information to communicate," he was no more a simple empiricist or blinkered anti-intellectual than was Samuel Beckett, whose aspiration was similarly "not to want to say, not to know what you want to say, not to be able to say what you think you want to say, and never to stop saying.
Such children have either to exclude themselves from a strongly anti-intellectual element, if not from the larger peer group altogether, or at best pretend that it comes easily to them - that they don't have to work hard to achieve excellence at schoolwork.
He warned that such positions could typically be dismissed as nothing more than election-year posturing except that they reflect an anti-intellectual conformity that is gaining strength in the United States precisely at the moment that most of the important opportunities for economic growth, and serious threats to the well-being of the nation, require a better grasp of scientific issues.
As a result, he said, "If the Mitt-mobile rolls into Washington, it'll be towing behind it every anti-intellectual, anti-science freak show.
Particularly valuable are the sections on how Inherit the Wind (1960) and Elmer Gantry (1960) encapsulated elite Cold War critiques of mass culture as materialist, anti-intellectual, and subject to demagoguery.
Washington, Mar 9 (ANI): A sting operation conducted by James O'Keefev has shown NPR executive Ron Schiller calling the tea party racist and the GOP anti-intellectual.
Wilberforce was not an anti-intellectual ogre--he actually made some valid criticisms of On the Origin of Species, though Richard Owen may have coached him--and his concerns that evolution might become a rival creed were legitimate.
It is not iPads or the Internet but the anti-intellectual ethos of newspapers themselves.
He suffered during the anti-intellectual purges of the Cultural Revolution in the 1970s, but lived long enough to enjoy the fruits of China's rise as a global economic power.
By contrast, the Tea Party movement is decidedly low brow, anti-intellectual, and marked by emotionalism and rage.
The Anti-Intellectual Presidency: The Decline of Presidential Rhetoric from George Washington to George W.
Eighty five percent of Haitians with a university degree have emigrated, the result of Duvalierist anti-intellectual repression and 20 years of political instability," Bohan said, reflecting on the country's recent history of dictatorship and chaos.
Both so-called talk-show hosts should be glad they are no longer contributing to the culture of mediocrity, which has led us down the road away from wit and grace to the dead end of an anti-intellectual wasteland.