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a protagonist who lacks the characteristics that would make him a hero (or her a heroine)

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According to trade paper Variety, the film will chronicle the history and mythology of the romantic vampire anti-hero, reports The Daily Star.
My show was 'Beale or No Beale', a puntastic journey through the life and loves of Ian Beale - a true British anti-hero.
Rebus ITV1 Wales, 9pm This week, the gritty anti-hero is called in to investigate the suicide of Sammy McNally, who shot himself in front of Andrew Hammill, owner of an investment bank.
Karst Tates, 38, cut his hair and dressed like the cult movie's anti-hero Travis Bickle before launching his attack.
Simon Pegg is a most dislikable anti-hero who grates from the very first smug grin.
Real, Anti-Hero, Consolidated, Creature--he's etched skating's finest shit and kept the underground lit with horror 'zines, Midwest-based BlackTooth boards, and Razorback records death metal discs.
FLAT cap northern anti-hero Andy Capp arrives in his Hartlepool hometown today.
A charismatic anti-hero, Duddly must learn the hard way that what he thought he wanted and the way he went about getting what he wanted aren't the best way to make his personal dreams come true.
Conrad Guest has created a kind of anti-hero, a Bogey sort of tough guy, a man's man who I suspect, deep in his isolated, walled-in heart, would very much like to be understood, appreciated, and?
Robert De Niro's Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver has been voted the greatest anti-hero in movie history.
Sandford, best known for his Prey series, introduces a new anti-hero, Kidd.
I saw the first cast, led by Edward Cieslak as a rather tentative anti-hero (there were three rotating casts).
10 /PRNewswire/ -- Producer Lauren Moews' Tonic Films has acquired "Death Angel's Shadow," a collection of three short stories which features fantasy author Karl Edward Wagner's immortal anti-hero KANE.
The book's anti-hero, Gordon Comstock, is a failed poet with a rotten attitude toward bourgeois society, working as a clerk in a mouldy used bookshop and cranking out essays of socialist criticism for a Marxist rag called The Antichrist.
Second, Morrall resists the temptation of constructing Breu as an anti-hero, as a kind of art historical Don Quixote, tilting simultaneously at the windmills of Renaissance genius and of current academic discourse.